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Religious Person And Christmas
Helen ... Who are you to judge whether someone is born again?

Secular Music And Movies
Secular music.
Beethoven's symphonies, sonatas & choral music? Mendelssohn? Mozart? Haydn?
Oh dear I will have to throw away my collection of sublime uplifting music.
I will also have to stop going to watch the waves breaking on the rocks which give me a similar feeling of closeness to the Creator.

What Religion Was Jesus
I don't think God has ever been a member of any religion.

Impreach George W. Bush
What are the official grounhds on which a president can be impeached?
I know they tried to impeach Clinton for immoral behavious and.or lying about it. Can a president be impeached for making a mistake in his policy?

Money Or Faith Most Important
Francis ... Why not accept the miracle of the life, and the New Life that God has given you?
And be thankful.
Who told you the lie that God gives material riches?

Why Are Preachers Unsaved
Are there? How do you identify them?

People Are Dieing Left And Right
Probably pollution in the environment and the air we breatha and the food we eat.

Was The Devil A Snake
I think Satan was metaphorically described as a serpent, because serpents or snakes are dangerous and deadly and slithery, and can insinuate themselves through small holes into the most secret and private places.
Just like Satan.
I doubt myself whether Satan ever actually appeared physically, but wormed (see again the slithery shape?) his way and temptations into Eve's heart.

National I.D. Card In 2008
What can ths possibly have to do with the mark of the beast?
What proportion do Americans take up of the total population of the world?

Are We Living In The End-Times
Mrs M : "Jesus said that generation starting with 1948, will not end until He comes back first"
Please justify this. JESUS said this???

Jesuites Believe In Mary
Helen ,, Please supply scriptural evidence that Mary did not conceive, but had Jesus inserted ito her womb.

Can I Date A Witch
I think Archimides was pagan, and also pagan Romans invented Central heatring. I think pagans were first with the wheel, and certainly explosives.

Good Version Of The Bible
Tofu ... "you again fell for the older is better myth"
Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!!!

Religious Person And Christmas
Helen ... Who are you to judge whether someone is born again?

Why Are Preachers Unsaved
Are there? How do you identify them?

Are We Living In The End-Times
jared ...Is Satan in chains now? If so, he still seems to be doing a pretty good job for himself.

Jesuites Believe In Mary
Helen ... You do not need anyone here to tell you where to find the scripture that tells us that Mary conceive, and later bore Jesus.

What Is Intercessory Prayer
Emcee ... I know we will never agree with each other on those points.
What I was trying to say is that although I agree more with the other "wing" of Christianity than with the RCC, it is from that other wing that I see the hatred emanating.

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