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What Is Contemplative Prayer
Yes Mark, U need to define, just what do you consider.. Contemplative prayer, rightly
said by Jack.
Brian 6933

Is Love A Feeling Or An Action
God's kind of love, since He is love, is
Agape. This love is an action. A wonderful scripture of God's love in action is.. St. Jn 3:16.. God so LOVED, that He GAVE HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.... Brian. 6933

Shortest NT Bible Scripture
The shortest Scripture verse in the N.T. is
in St.John's Gospel.. Jn 11:35, which says,
JESUS WEPT. It teaches us that Jesus, also has feelings and above all COMPASSION.
Brian. 6933

She Wants A Divorce
Bro. Kevin, thats so nice to know, that You are not wanting the Divorce. Thats the God thing, and I compliment you. But have both of you had a Personal Relation-ship with Jesus? Only He is our Problem solver.
I will pray for both of you.

When Are Good Works Good
Yes Mima, that's correct. Your answer is in the question itself. The Bible says..ALL have sinned.. God.(Rom 3:23) Its only when anyone is washed in the Blood of the Lamb, that any good or genuine, or Righteous Acts can be done, that will be truly acceptable
in the eyes of God. Brian.6933

Personal Testimonies Important
Yes as Linda & Rebecca mentioned, using our Personal Testimony of what a Personal Saviour has done in our lives, is giving the Holy Spirit, an opportunity to speak to the hearts of those who are hearing us, and
then, can we share the Gospel of Christ effectively. Brian.6933

God Called Me To Sing
Well I dont think that you could have done anything, as the Pastor was not present. Its a pity. How can the Holy Spirit of God be present or welcome? How good & how pleasant it is, for Brethren to dwell together in UNITY.( Ps 133:1) Brian. 6933

Fate Of Those With Unbelief
I think the answer is very clear in the 2nd
letter of St.Peter 3:9, in which the latter part says.. He is not willing that any should PERISH, but that ALL should come to Repentance. Brian. 6933

Does God Search Your Heart
God does not Search our Hearts, but we need
to ask Him to do so, just like David did in
Psalm 139:23-24, where David said, Search me
O God, and know my heart..
Brian 6933

True Meaning Of Friendship
The Bible is very clear on the True meaning of Friendship, which is... and which says..
Brian. 6933

Non-Believing Christians Here
Yes I think that there are a few Non Believers here, we welcome them in the Love of Jesus, and pray that they also like us will believe in Jesus Christ. Brian. 6933

Wait On Him For Marriage
Tapanga, you dont mention anything about him or you being a Bible Believing Christian
If those things are sorted out First, then the Holy Spirit, will automatically prompt
you regards the right Prince Charming for you. Brian 6933

What Is Eternal Life
Eternal Life is a Promise to.. WHOSOEVER.
It is for Anyone & Everyone who Believes in
Jesus Christ, and they will not perish.(Jn 3:16) Brian. 6933

How To Draw Near To God
Just like God is always speaking, and for many reasons, we are not hearing. God is also waiting for His children to draw close to Him. First I have to take the initiative
and come to Him, then in faith Expect Him to be there, and then Be STILL, and KNOW, that He is there.( James 4:8, Ps 46:10 )
Brian 6933

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