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I Recently Had An Abortion
So where do we go from here? Are we done? If I was this woman I would be done reading these unhelpful and contentious answers.

I Recently Had An Abortion
Willow and Betty,
I can't see where your responces to each other are helpful to this confused and hurting woman.
She asked for help and I hope that she has been able to receive Godly instruction and compassion.
Shall we focus on her again?

I Recently Had An Abortion
I find it amazing that you would post such a subject. Surely you know if you leave the relationship and repent you have done what God requires.
If you choose to go on I can't help but think God will expose everything that has happened. He will not be mocked.
Exposing the truth yourself would be so hurtful to his ministry, family and yours too.
Please let us know what happens

Sin Not To Go To Church
Heb 10:25-27. Perhaps it is best to find a good definition of what sin is. Start there. I read here a lot of excuses about churches or people, what about God? If your heart is not being pulled to go worship God with all of your mind, heart and soul then maybe the problem is in the church you have chosen to worship in. Seek God and ask Him to lead you to Him. If someone said they would give you $168 and the only thing they ask is that you give them back $1, what would you say? God gives us life. He gives us 168 hours a week and asks that we give Him 1 hour. May God bless you!

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
I am 25 and my hus to be is 40 and there is nothing wrong with it being that way we enjoy a near perfectly fine relationship, i dont see y age should be a significant matter in a relationship. Each individual needs to know what they want out of th3 relationship and if they dont work at acheiving such then the relationship will falter.

Who Watched Da Vinci Code
Satan doesn't care what you believe as long as its not the truth. He can have you believe anything he wants. Satan has always wanted to destroy Christ and the truth that He taught. He used King Herod to try to kill (Mt. 2:1-18). He tried to tempt Him to sin (Mt. 4:1-11). He finally succeeded with a Roman crucifixion. But Christ arose from the dead after three days, and know He rules at the right hand of God (1 P. 3:21-22). But Satan will never stop trying to "suppress the truth" (Ro. 1:18).

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