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Woman Divorced Three Times
I ask you am I a sinner. My husband of 30 yrs had an affair. He came to me 6 times to try and work it out. All 6 times I caught him with another woman. The last time was with my best friend. I was completely devastated I loved this man to my core if it was my choice I would be with him still. I did everything humanly possible to make my marriage work. He was unwilling. We divorced and I recently remarried a man who had been married 2 times before. His first marriage ended because the wife committed adultery and his second marriage ended because his wife emotionally left the marriage and refused help. She was mentally ill and she ask for a divorce. Where does this leave me ?

Can You Feel Prayer
Actually I had same question... so I was googling & saw ur comment.
I had this experience that when someone is praying for me I felt some parts of my body becoming heat(warm to hot)...
Is it just me or if any one experience too???
Also I am wondering...
If someone is sick, stressed, or if they are cursing you( bad talk, gossip)
Can you fell it ???Is it God asking you to pray for that person.
Please need advice in Bible term.
Thank you & #128591,

Can God Heal A Diabetic
I am 16 years old and have had Type One Diabetes for a little over ten years. God has promised to heal my diabetes and I am currently seeing the signs of that healing coming to pass. My healing isn't an instant one, because God is also trying to teach me patience. So just know that if you're healing isn't instant, it could be because God needs something else to happen in your life first before He can heal you. God bless. :)

Becoming Bored As A Christian
I'm bored stiff. I wished for intimacy with God but I somehow feel this total emptiness inside. It's like I'm fooling myself.

People tell me that being a Christian is not about doing. You don't earn blessings or things like that from God. What do I do now. I'm just confused and seem to have so little faith and bitter as hell.

Can A Christian Go To A Bar
Many are confused. Confusion doesn't come from God. Jesus hung out on the streets w/prostitutes & all kinds of lost people. He did not spend all of his time in the church or around Godly people. The earth is Satan's realm. A bar is no different than a grocery store or school.I teach dance & am in and out of bars on a daily basis.If I A CHRISTIAN did not go in2 these places there would be less Christians on earth.We have helped many find God. Being a Christian is not about following a list of do's & dont's.God is w/us wherever we go. Legalists believe you cant do many things because you might be tempted to sin.Inst Gluttony a sin? If so, should we stop eating? They key is understanding that anything we do in excess is a danger.

Son Just Committed Suicide
I also believe that your son was still a child in the eyes of God. That he is with him now. Believe and know that Satan attacked his thoughts and mind because he was a child of Christ and those that are strong are attacked fiercely. You must understand that your suffering is also an attack from Satan. The attacks have not stopped and will not stop until you give this burden over to Christ. Phillipians 4:6 and make sure you say GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN everytime you dwell on your son being anywhere other than heaven. God Bless You, Grace

Drunk And A One Night Stand
If you have truly asked for forgiveness and repented you should not destroy your family and tell your wife. You could completely destroy your children's future and your own. Spend the rest of your life making it up to your wife and children and stay away from alcohol!!!!!!!Grace

Strict Outward Appearances
In the minds of many true Christians exists an understanding that God sets no rules, loves all, and requires nothing to accept his love. These "rules" are man made to structure obedience. Follow his true word, the bible, and know that living by these prophecies, are living in his true image. Thank you for questioning and sharing. God Bless you.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Within you already lies the true answer to your question. Never will a man seek out another if he is following true Christian doctrine. I.E. at marriage we vow to cleve to each other and become one united soul. This relationship is perhaps harmless at present, but potentially violent in human form, as ultimately humans will succumb to satanic pleasures.
Ask him to re-commit his vows, look within you for improvement in your relationship, know that all will eventually turn around if you both commit to each other. Keep strong, pray for his reconnection to your vows, and for your own enlightenment.

My Husband Is Narcissistic
I married someone who turned out to be schizophrenic. I was young and believed God could fix anything. God can do all things but only if the person recognizes their problem and wants help. It took 10 years and 2 children later before it got abusive and I finally had the courage to get out. The consequenses of my choice have affected me for 25 years. I now have an unshakeable faith and am free from this man. My children suffer immensely. Mental illness not dealt with causes much pain and grief but God can heal and doesn't want people to suffer. His love can lead you to a place of healing from the kind of unspeakable pain of mental illness. Would be happy to talk to anyone in this situation. Grace

I Want To Divorce My Husband
God does not want you to be in a relationship that hurts you. He wants to see a smile on your face and love in your heart. It sounds like you have truly tried to make this relationship work. Sometimes two people just don't belong together. Wish him well and leave. Begin a new life that is filled with love and respect. Begin by loving yourself.

Nuclear Holocaust Prophesied
We CANNOT stop prophecy from being fulfilled. Nor can we try to urge it to happen,it will happen IN GOD'S TIMING! #1 Abraham tried to urge a prophecy to take place,he took it into his own hands. Although he complicated things for himself in doing so, it still did not effect the timing of God or His original plan taking place. #2 trying to change prophecy, recently- once they had decoded a portion of "Bible Code" they found that a certain world leader was to be assassinated and it had not yet happened-the code specified the time/date. Knowing this info they thought they could try to stop it, they went to him, to no avail, later that day he was assassinated. My point is what is written is written and there is no changing what is written.

How Do You Pray
Prayer is very important to me. I pray for the government,preachers,teachers, friends, family, God will to be done, food clothing and my whole life.

Jesus taught us to pray with the Lord's prayer and I use it as an example of how to pray.

When God puts a person on my heart I pray that his will be done in their life and a hedge of protection be around them.

Matthew 21:22
And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.

May God Bless you

Are You A Person Of Faith
As I look back on my life, I see the step by step progression of spiritual growth. I remember my mother asking me questions, which I couldn't anwer. All I could say was that it will all work out. And now I can see that it has. My spirituality is a natural part of my humanity, and I try to treat people as Jesus taught us to do. I try to steer clear of judgements, doctrine, self-righteouness, close-mindedness and hate, for these are not of the spirit and they hurt others.

A Christian Surrogate Mother
It is a BLESSING and a JOY to another couple to help them carry a child and "bear their burden"..People who still believe that God "opens and closes wombs" must believe that birth control is a sin as well. The things that GOd does not address in have to be led by the HS. Those that feel it would be a SIN..should obviously never consider it! There will always be the legalistic religious ones who try to stuff their OPINIONS down others throats..

Must Dad Give Me Away
I agree; this is a tradition, but certainly not something that has to be done. I preferred to walk down the aisle alone, because I wanted to give myself in marriage. This tradition comes from a time when woman were mere property to be transfered from one household to the next one; of course, this is not what it means today. If you are comfortable walking by yourself, there is no reason not to.

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