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What Day Is The Sabbath
Jerry, do you refer to the Waldensians that were condemned in 1194 by Lucius III, or the group in either the 13th or 15th centuries? Perhaps you refer the group in Uraguay, or Burke County, N.C.?

In any case, Encyclopedia Britannica NEVER states that they were/are Sabbatarian, as you allege.

Once Saved Always Saved
jason The men mentioned taught THIS doctrine.

I have books by Pink, Spurgeon and others. My library has many books, electronic and physical. I NEVER READ THAT THEY SAY TRIPARTITE SALLVATION.

You say that they teach tripartite salvation. can you give EXACT, referenced quotes, please.

I Want To Quit My Affair

Next step is to tell wife

What Is God's Sovereignty
Karen, thank you for your correction, I agree 100%.

However, I was refering to another's posting without mentioning names, and I attempted to use italics to demonstrate that on October 28.

I was hoping that the lines after the first lines in those two posts would make my posiition clear. Sorry for any confusion.

Once Saved Always Saved
jason Spurgeon, Schofield, Govett, A.E.Pink, Watchman Nee, Dillow and John Phillips. They all believd(sic) and taught the tripartipe(sic) man.

Nice list of NAMES here.
1) The issue is NOT tripartite man
2) YOU brougtht up tripartite SALVATION. That is wholly different, and unscriptural.

3) For the 4th time, I ask you for EXACT Scriptures proving tripartite salvation

If you erred, please recant, and we'll move on.

Who Are 21st Century Calvinists
Shiela thank you for your honesty, and I truly wish I could help.

Due to the past, and some here who carry on demonically-inspired messages of hate, acting without true knowledge, belittling a belief system, and carrying in an un-Christlike spirit, attacking ad hominem, I can not continue on that subject unless some are refused posting privileges.

Hope you understand. Shalom

Separate From Ungodly Doctrines

2/ He is talking about calling out people from everywhere from many sorts of circumstances and religions. Certainly that is the case.

BTW the document is a LIE because it claims to be EXACT TRANSCRIPT and it is not. Exact transcripts do not haver elipsis, and have full quotes. Your source may have a bias. Nor have I seen an EXACT TRANSCRIPT from the ORIGINAL SOURCE. Thus I remain skeptical

Separate From Ungodly Doctrines
1/ Herb, thanks for the data, I got it. Graham said, I think everybody that loves Christ, or knows Christ, whether they're conscious of it or not, they're members of the Body of Christ ...

NOTHING wrong there, for ALL who call upon the Lord shall be saved. The problem lies in the elipsis, what was left out. It begins with I think James answered that,...

To what is the word "that" referring? The future of Christianity? Don't believe so, context is different.

Once Saved Always Saved
Jason, your reply is EXACTLY as a cultist would reply. (I am describing, not name-calling) You go ad hominem.

1) You brought up an unsupportable doctrine
2) I asked NICELY three times for proof of those 3 DIFFERENT types of salvation
3) You attack without warrant my church
4) You attack without warrant my seminary
5) You mistranslate the word suffer; it means endure.

But I am the wrong one here???

Is Bulemia A Sin Issue
Helen, because your most recent replies have been so belligerently obstinate, and off-the-wall, not dealing with the issue of your addiction and thought twisting, unless proven differently, I conclude these things:

1) You are still taking Valium, and refuse to get off it.

2) By your actions here, you seem to love your Valium more than you seem to love Jesus.

Tough words, but they are logical in face of what you give to us here.

What Is God's Sovereignty
.God's Sovereignty is His Word. 10/21 on this blog

Who Are 21st Century Calvinists
Sheila: If you TRULY want to learn, I refer you to Calvin College's website. There is a FREE virtual library to download many books, just register for free.

Because I have been abased by some ignorant people, neither willing to learn, nor willing to be ratonal I refuse to subject myself to continued UNCHRISTAIN abuse.

Read it or not,your choice, but PLEASE post no anti-Cavin nonsense until you learn more about Calvinism first hand.

Once Saved Always Saved
I choose NOT to reveal, and you ASSUME the worst John, I'm sad that youre ashamed of your denomination.

It is for insipid things like this that I choose not to reveal. Rest assured, it is a historically fundamental, Bible believing denomination known world wide for its missionary activity.

Once Saved Always Saved
I choose NOT to reveal, and you ASSUME the worst John, I'm sad that youre(sic)ashamed of your denomination.

It is for insipid things like this that I choose not to reveal church affiliation. Rest assured, it is a historically fundamental, Bible believing denomination known world wide for its missionary activity.

THIS IS THE THIRD TIME I ask for Bible or systematic theology sources for stuff YOU brought up.

Why attack me when YOU brought up unsupportable things? Cults do that.

Is This The Anti-Christ
PEOPLE! Jesus will return. He promised it.

However He did not promise it according to JN Darby (pre trib, premillinnial) Nor according to any other position, mid trib, or post trib OR amillennial.

EACH have support among Evangelicals, and NONE is a measure of being a Christian or heathen.

THEREFORE IT IS A NON-ESSENTIAL! Let's cut some slack here, OK?

Is Allah The Same God
Bruce: Could someone correct me here if I am wrong that Muslims view Abraham Issac and Jacob as their patriarchs as do the Jews and Christians?

We are "People of the Book" according to them. That is as far as it goes.

However, that does not stop them from hating us, as the Qur'an and Hadith frequently instruct the followers of Islam.

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