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Are C-Sections Biblical
Sounds like a comment emanating from a works-based religious attitude, perhaps your in-law is not even a true believer. I agree with others who say to ignore her comments and pray for her. In the meantime, thank God for being able to have had your C sections and continue loving and enjoying your children.

Confess Affair To My Husband
Hello Kaye,

I'm in a similar boat. I understand what you are going through. I had made up my mind I wasn't going to tell him. Then I started reading my Bible and getting closer to God. I feel like the Holy Spirit told me to confess it to my husband a few months ago. However, I'm trying to think of the best way to tell him the truth. I've been asking God to prepare his heart, especially because I have no idea how he will respond and last year things became physical between he and I. So I'm scared to how he may react. I've been asking God to tell me how and when to tell him.

I would ask God to speak to me and listen to what he wants you to do.


Am I Really Married
God calls Christians not to give any appearance of evil. I agree that we need to obey the laws of the land concerning marriage. A legal marriage certificate and taking marriage vows among witnesses is a clear cut statement that you are married in the US. Why not be a good testimony, care about others and take away the doubts so that you are not known as a fornicator?
Fornication is serious and can lead to hell. There is a clear cut difference between a marriage that God honors and fornication. If you choose to be married then put and end to the confusion. If you plan to stay together then bring clarity to your relationship. You will find peace in the will of God..

Husband And Son Fighting
How did your situation turn out? What did you do to fix it? Was your husband a willing participant? I have a similar situation except my son is now 25 and they just had a physical fight.

God Does Not Love Me
John_Foster: It is a gross misunderstanding to think that a human could ever love anything more than God. God IS love. We are not. You are veiwing your trials as an indication that God does not love you. Just the OPPOSITE...God corrects every one He LOVES. Prov.3:12 "For whom the Lord loves he corrects, even as a father the son in whom he delights". Also read Heb.12:3-11 which is most encouraging. So take heart brother, you ARE loved by God.

Holy Goosebumps At Mass
Darlene1: Darlene I would really like to commend you. Whether your goosebumps are of the Holy Spirit or not obviously will not be agreed upon here. And that's okay. What I do believe is that you are a vessel of the Holy Spirit and I say that because I see the fruit of love in all your responses to everyone. What a refreshing change that is for this blog site where so many tear each other apart. God bless you.

Tithing Is Old Testament Law
Thank you everyone for your replies. My question had to do with what I felt was hypocritical of the churches that do teach their congregations to tithe. Many of these churches would not touch anything "Jewish" (as they see it) with a ten foot pole, yet they grab hold of the tihthing law. I hate to be cynical but I see it's a good money maker and that's why they do it.

God Does Not Love Me
John_Foster: It is a gross misunderstanding to think that a human could ever love more than God. God IS love. We are not. God sheds His love abroad in our hearts via the Holy Spirit but our love is still inferior to Gods as we have our human nature as well. You are veiwing your trials as an indication that God does not love you. Just the opposite...God disciplines very son He LOVES.

Holy Goosebumps At Mass
Darlene you are separating emotions from phyiscal sensation as if one didn't affect the other. As we all know emotion does at times produce physical sensation as Jed stated. eg when you are really frightened you get goosebumps or a chill runs down your spine. Or the emotion of embarrassment produces the physical sensation of burning face. Also you said that "don't you realize that God equips his children to recognize what is from him and what isn't?" The Bible tells us to "test" the spirits to see whether they are from God. Therefore we should not just assume what we are experiencing is of God.

What Did Paul Teach
Jed: "Pauls teachings did not conflict with Jesus'..."
Agree with your understanding and Francis yours too. I am a firm believer in all the Bible but had been reading that some did not think Paul's writings were scripture and could not figure out why.

Holy Goosebumps At Mass
Jed, I think your answer makes a lot of sense. A pastor once said, "Have a Bible reason for everything you do or believe." And that makes a lot of sense to me too. If we don't use the Bible as our standard we can go off in any direction claiming all sorts of things are from God. When I read how the fruits of the Spirit in Galations 5 are manifested in our lives I read nothing about holy goosebumps.

Holy Goosebumps At Mass
Darlene1: I mean no disrespect Darlene but you had me LOL when I read your blog. You said, "They (holy goosebumps) are simply the anointing touch or move of God upon you." Where in the world did you get that from?
God bless you sister.

Spanking Teenage Boys
Barbara: GREAT answer! Bless you...your children are lucky.

Churches Are Silent On Sin
Francis: Any church that believes 1 John 3:4 could preach aboout sin. Mine does.

Strong Feeling For A Priest
There are mixed feelings here about a priest. He would single me out in Mass and stare at me throughout the Mass. He would avoid giving me communion. I started to email him expressing my feelings for him. He knew it was me, and kept on with the stares....during mass. He never blocked my emails. He even added me to Facebook. I then wrote to him one day, and asked him that if emails bothered to let me know. I sent him that email with a picture of me. He responded me to stop with the emails. I kept going to mass after his email. He kept staring at me during mass. Then he blocked me on facebook when I wrote "Have a nice day." . He has been giving me signals that he was interested....Why did he change his mind?

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