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Congressman Rangel Seeks Draft
"Was Ronald Reagan too old? My opinion is that two of the these three would make the best ticket. John McCain....." "Jack"
"I don't really see how this is a Christian issue as such, can you explain?" "Jack"

Lord Is A Strong Tower
If I was in Iraq, this is the scripture I would hang onto. Protection from harm. It's for any child of God on the battlefield, physical or spiritual.

Favor Of Public Executions
Sounds like you have someone in mind. I find even the question horrid. Rome.

Born Again Christians
Leon, you're smart. Robyn, Marcia, Andrea, Kathr uses everyone else's names when she gets very, very mad. Which is a constant thing on these blogs, each and every day.

End-Time Handmaidens
MM, are you Mark S. who wrote this article about the End Time Handmaidens?

Is Homeschooling Better
Jim, what you've said was more perverted than what most learn in a public school. You should have your mouth washed out with soap. I agree, Katie, it's the exceptional mother that can be all things to her children.

Husband Has Nudes and Love
Katie, are you still married?

Who's Name Do You Use
"Bush is all wind, he only says he is with Christ to get votes"... he's not up for re-election, jana.

Is Homeschooling Better
I hope it works out for your children, candice.
Thank God for good public school teachers.
It's true, some students are far below average. But it's possible to be home schooled and still be lacking in language skills, writing, spelling, etc.

Is Homeschooling Better
My public school experience wasn't like that all. I didn't have to travel with the herd or run with the pack. My friends were not limited to an age or grade.
Actually, those were wonderful years and are great memories for me. Home schooling for me would have been a big mistake. Too much mother and I would have been bored.

Is Homeschooling Better
I can see john's point of protecting his kids as long as possible from the evil old world. But if you instill all of those Christian values at home, what's the worry?
Unless, your public school system is a hothouse for crime, aren't you depriving them of some valuable life's lessons?
Science and math dept.'s, sports, music, etc.
Speech meets, band concerts, science fairs, track and field, and friends to build memories with.

Is Homeschooling Better
My high school years were the best. Sure, there are cliques and snobby rich kids. But there are also the kids that others bully and mock. Your kid has an opportunity to be a living witness to the underdog and top dogs. Your child of God might mean the difference between a dejected/rejected kid taking his own life or the life of others. When your kid leaves homeschooling and home, he'll find all of these same people waiting for them in the workplace and along the road.

Is Homeschooling Better
Correct Jack.
If you have a uneducated mother teaching her uneducated children with materials that the mother cannot comprehend, guess what - you'll have children that will have a terrible time trying to catch up. Mothers cannot be all things to children in the education department. Home schooling may work out for a few, but social interaction is also important for coping skills in the world. A mother's isolation can also warp the child. Even animals need social interaction.

Can A Woman Divorce
When a man or woman beats their mate to a pulp, drives over them in a parking lot, circles back around and repeatedly runs over them until they're dead. When abused children and mates are in grave danger of losing their lives. Better a millstone be tied around your neck than to hurt one of My little ones. When your life is at stake, I would say divorce is permitted.

Is Moronism A Cult
Steveng, that was nonsense, and false.

Have You Healed The Sick
The question - do we know anyone who has done these things or greater as foretold?

I'm glad miracles are commonplace for you, Jack. When you are healed of your disability, I want to know.
We will not treat it glibbly.

Prophesied To Die In 2007
Well, Chris, what happened?
Did they survive to see 2007?

What Are Orthodox Churches
Moses is born during the Jewish enslavement in Egypt, during a terrible period when Pharaoh decrees that all male Hebrew infants are to be drowned at birth. His mother, Yocheved, desperate to prolong his life, floats him in a basket in the Nile. Hearing the crying child as she walks by, Pharaoh's daughter pities the crying infant and adopts him (Exodus 2:1-10). Had Moses grown up in slavery with his fellow Hebrews....

Moses, not Jewish? Oh my.

Papal Or Pagan Calendar
Daniel, I will do that. I'm waiting on Jack, apparently he does not - at this particular time.

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