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Scripture Against Christmas Trees
No Jack, there isnt any day in scripture that says we should remember Him as we do in the way we do today. It is insulting when we celebrate it and we dont even know when His birthday is but on Tammus's. Insulting indeed. Santa Claus is not biblical? Its of the RCs inception. My dear Lord never said celebrate we it.

Why Can We Eat Swine
lee and Kay, you both have convoluted ideas about God's Word. Your frequent attack on EGW n SDA doctrine has turned you weird. Jesus said eat all things in the NT bccause by then we would of learned(or have you?) what He said in the OT about clean and unclean food. Are you children that you have to be reminded over and over? He never said eat unclean or clean? He said eat all things meaning all things clean as commanded in OT.

Who Watched Da Vinci Code
I read the book and felt that it's blasphemy against the holiness of our God.

What Is An Asherah Pole
a modern day asherah pole is a cross/crucifix. This cross/crucifix has been exalted and wrongly associated with the name of GOD. This "cross" was a torture device -- used to execute our teacher/our king! If he were murdered by a gun, would we be exalting that too??? John 3:14 -- "Just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert......"

Friends, Moses was also commanded to destroy the pole -- because the people began to worship the pole!!!!

I Want To Be A Penpal
Hi! One more penpal okay with you? would like to get to know other people as well. God bless! have a great day! mayan8339

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