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Pray For Darlene's Surgery
nvB Darlene mentioned it to me, and I thought the "team" ought to know and pray!!
By the way, I am now ...

Is The Bible Real
If it could be proved ... would you need FAITH?

I Can't Locate A Single Man
Susie ... Why are you so quick to say that it is lustful to find a man attractive?
Is not kindness attractive, nor shared interests and values, nor consderation, nor respect, nor conversation.
Is it lustful to find those things attractive, and want to develop a friendship (which may lead to something more) with a guy?
Honi soit qui mal y pense!

What's Up Blog #20
RA ... In the summe, we have BST ... British Summer Time, and in winter it is GMT ... Greenwich Mean Time. At the momnet we are on GMT.
I don't know how far ahead we are of you, because I don't know whereabout in the USA you live. I think you have several time Zones?

What Does Apostate Mean
Emcee ... That happens to me too.
I think you may be right about the reasons.

Is Bulimia A Sin Issue
Helen ... Thank you for your so gracious words.
It is a far cry from the condemnation that you previously had for my friend..

Can We Murder Babies
notlaw ... I suggest you read what Darlene has said.
I'm not suggesting that because the netherands practice this (and easy euthanasia) it is right!
But interstingly, although the Netherlands has aa very free attitude towards sexual morality, it has one of the lowest teenage preganancy rates in Europe.
Britain has the highest rate, and sadly the towmn where I live has the highest rate in the country.

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... # 1 You say this of me "YOU CALLED HIM A LIAR, YOU CALLED HIM A DRUNK, now you suggest he won the election by CHEATING"
Where did I do that?

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... you say Madison is a harsh critic of America
Actually, I see she has criticised some American policies and actions. I criticise many policies of the present government of the UK
That does not mean we do not love our countries, nor does it lessen our patriotism.
Hundreds of thousands of left wing and right wing men from Britain fought in WW2 alongside each other, because of love of their country.
I see in Madison love of the unfortunates of American society. Do you scorn that?

Who Are 21st Century Calvinists
Lee ... # 1 To answer a few of your charges.
I am not angry at you, just sad that you perpetuate the lies you told about me
I have changed my name because my profile was lost, and I had to rejoin. there is no other motive, and I would have thought that with your intelligence you would have been quite able to see that I was being open about the name change, since I even commented on it.

Who Are 21st Century Calvinists
Lee ... # 2 So once again you try by false means to discredit someone with whom you do not agree.
Even if you don't like me, at least you can stop spreading the lies about me. I don't demand respect, but would hope for honesty.

What Are Jesuites
Emcee ... "we all know RCC& CC are the same"
NO WE DON'T. You may say so, but there are many outside the Roman church who are catholic Christians.
I repeat, what Profession of Faith do you use? What do the Nicene and Apostles Creeds say? They are both used by non-Roman denominations.
I am trying to heal the wounds between the RCC and the rest of Christendom, but you seem to be trying to widen the breech and maintain the misunderstandings and hatred.

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... # 4 You can safely ignore Blair ... he does not count in world politics and cannot destroy yuor country. But GW could destroy ours.
That's the difference.

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... # 5 You ask why I did not like Margaret Thatcher.
I admired her very much, and agreed most of her policies. She rid the UK of the destructive power of the unions, and put our economy back on track, she also with Reagan saw to the end of the Cold War.
But her public personality was not attractive.

Five Point Calvantist
Jack "(It helps if you spell it properly.)"
Is "irresistable" in your dictionary?

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... # 1 One of your probelms is you do not read what others write.
Did I say GW was a drunk, did I say he cheated? If you read, I just reported what had been said about him.
The reason I reported that was that I thought it would be useful for Americans to understand the perceptions of the rest of the World

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... # 2 .
I will report now that the majority of Britons think GW is a greater threat to the world than the leaders of NK, Iraq and Syria. Only Bin Laden is judged to be more dangerous than GW.
I say that to let you know how GW and America is viewed, not because I beleive it (I don't)
Same with the voting & the drink.

Madonna Mocking Christ
Donna ... #3 I think you still do not see why I feel I can criticise the President of your country ... as I do with regard to policies.
The reason is that, unlike, say the president of France, or the leader of any other country in the world, he is also my president, because of the overwhelming power he holds, for good or bad, and the overwhelming influence he has over the policies, foreign and domestic, of my own country.

Who Are 21st Century Calvinists
Lisa ... If I said I believed the Moon is made of green cheese, that would be a statement of what I believe.
Now I don't expect you to agree that the moon is made of green cheese (but you know it really is ... the mouse my cat brought in yesterday told me so)
But I would hope that you would accept my statement that that was what I beleived, and not try to tell me that I also thought that every day a man called Stoker put more coal on the sun to keep it burning.

Pray For Darlene's Surgery
nvB Darlene mentioned it to me, and I thought the "team" ought to know and pray!!
By the way, I am now ...

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