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Can A Demon Overtake A Christian
First, a "Christian" in the sense of being born again and washed in the blood of Jesus absolutely CANNOT be possessed by demons. EVER. Period. They can however be under oppression, i.e. influence. This is part of the battle. Satan himself HATES us and will always deceive those close to God. Do not be affraid, YOU are given eternal life....the next time Satan reminds you of your past failures, remind him of HIS FUTURE.

Can We Lose Our Salvation
Duane Dudley Martin.... Boasting about how far you think you are in Christianity is not the answer my friend. People will gather for what they "want" to hear. PLease.... don't hurt your own spirit by boasting or being proud. Bible intellect is NOT what Jesus' message was in the first place. Jesus despised religeon remember?

Mitt Romney And Hillary Clinton
As a Christian I would not Vote for Mitt Romney.

Who Watched Da Vinci Code
This movie in no way slammed Christ! It is a ficticious murder mystery which has some historical fact included - like the Titanic. Have any of you watched the history channel? The Templar Knights did exist, there is no definitive "proof" as to what the holy grail is - only conjecture. There are twenty years missing in the Bible in regard to the life of Jesus Christ - SOMETHING must have happened during those years. Am I wrong here?

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