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Young Woman Wants Older Man
I am looking for a true woman that is willing to marry and have children with a god fearing man I am not perfect but I am a good Chritian man that will be good to my woman and family so please if you want to live a good life in our lords way get back to me

Unmarried Couples Serve In Church
I think almost everyone of you are wrong! Your self righteous and judgments gal! I wonder where you found out how to be this way? Was it in church? Do you all think that Jesus would send away sinners from the church! You should all go repent! And remember how you used to be before God. All you!! I wonder why so many people think so poorly of Christians and shy away from church! If a forincater is in church onece PRAISE GOD!!! IF THEY COME TWICE ! PRAISE BIM MORE AND THANK HIM FOR. BRINGING THEM BACK!!! AND GIVING YOU ANOTHER CHANCE TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE! How evil you are to say sinners shouldn't be allowed in your church! Remember it's not yours it's Gods

Demon Jumped On Me
To Mark,

not trying to be facetious but just because you haven't seen or experienced something personally doesn't mean therefore it can't exist. Your knowledge or lack of knowledge doesn't confirm or deny the existence of the Devil, demons, or evil spirits. The Bible confirms that they are real. Whether some people see them or not means nothing. Let God's word be true and every man a liar. If you're not a born again Believer in Christ, if you're unsaved or a babe-in-Christ then you have NO ability to discern of spirits. This means you are still blind to the things of the spiritual world. You haven't grown spiritually mature enough at this point to perceive (see or feel) the presence of an demons-aka-evil spirits.

Wife Was Improper

it sounds as if your wife is a habitual liar. That is why you don't trust her. I am sorry that you're having to experience this with the one person whom should be the one you can trust most. As the moderator said, get marital counseling (with or without her). Most importantly, pray for her and your marriage like never before. God bless you.

Can I Marry My Step Cousin
Wow i read your comments about theres other fish in the sea go fishing else wear. thats just crazy! Im married to my step cousin.(his aunt married my father when i was 14) i truely believe god puts you w/ your husband/wife. My father is a pastor and he married us. its really sad how some christian judge people! There's only man who i will allow to judge me.

Husband Likes A Boring Church
Being disobedient to God if he's speaking to your heart is very serious. MANY times God uses wives to speak to their husbands. If you feel you are growing more spiritually at a different church then go there. If it creates problems with your husband, go to counseling or go to an early service at one and later service at the other. There are more solutions than people throwing out the word SUBMIT in every other post. If someone comments negatively on this post don't buy into it. Your relationship with God is MOST important. If you are not growing spiritually then it will be hard to be spiritually connected to your husband. If you aren't familiar with "Spiritual Pathways"--google it. Lots to learn and it makes perfect sense. Take care!

I Am In A Bad Marriage
I was the child who grew up with parents who stayed in a seemingly co-dependent relationship. He was the controller, by any means necessary, and she was the duty bound submissive wife. I respect her opinion to stay. But I NEVER agreed. "God hates divorce". I understand, but it hurts to live with, even as adults. It is so painful seeing your mother hurt and treated miserably. I often prayed for insight. It is between the couple and God. But all of the children were damaged, in some way. We can not lean on our own understanding. There are definite Boundaries in Marriage (Cloud & Townsend)excellent book, But the best book for a dark place, is the Word of God. Try Psalms to start. God Bless You!

Demon Jumped On Me
experienced demons pinning me down to my bed, growling in my ear. The demon breaths fire in my ear. The demon takes total control of my body. My body feels like its on fire. I can not breathe, speak, or move. The dream always takes place between 3:00 3:44 a.m. I notice I wake up right before the dream occurs. Once I fall back asleep, the dream usually lasts 25-35 minutes. The demon holds me down, I try to yell and rebuke it using Jesus name and the words dont come out of my mouth because the weight on my body is so heavy and I cant breathe. After several attempts to yell, I can finally get the words out. The demon and all the heavy weight are pulled off my body and I can breathe again. I yell so loud it wakes me up and the nightmare is over.

Christian Rehab Centers Biblical
Thank you Donna, it is truly a miracle to see lives saved from death, destruction and hopelessness. I find that when Christ is allowed to come in and truly change a person's heart, well Jesus said it better than I can...
"Who the Son sets free, is free...INDEED!"

Love To Submit To My Husband
I am so sorry for your pain. I never expect a woman to stay in an abusive situation. That is another issue, I don't believe God requires us to stay where we are in danger.
However, in today's world we are so influenced by the media and such that it is difficult to find teaching on true marriage as laid out by be an example of Christ and His bride.
There are many who have committed their marriage to God, but have no peace or joy...or even love, very sad, but true. It is a sad commentary on our world when we barely see a beautiful, godly, loving marriage anymore. I pray we will see it happening more. How truly wonderful would that be.
When it is all said and done, the only truly perfect Bridegroom is Jesus. What a marvel He is!

Christian Rehab Centers Biblical
I work for a Christ Centered rehab-discipleship home and we are not 'about the money'. We are Christ centered and we are associated with Teen Challenge and other programs as well. Like anything, you have to be careful where you look and carefully consider. Get references, check with pastors...pray and discern accordingly.
Please don't put us all in one lump of ungodly behavior and intent. Many of us are doing what we do because it is a calling from God. Believe me, I wouldn't put up with the junk people dish out if it wasn't for the fact...God loves them and that makes it worth it all.
Results...we see lives changed, really changed all the time. But it is a process...most of the time, a long process.

Christian Views On Abortion
Wow, i just read this entire thread and I am amazed and saddened.
Deuteronomy 30:19 says,
This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
Choose life!
A child is an inheritance of the the case of rape, incest or whatever the situation, a child is God reminding us that life is His to choose. The gift of a baby is, not a reward for doing it right, but a life lesson that God sees each of us and says, "I believe in you! I love you enough to give you a gift."
We are responsible for what we do with that gift.
A lump? No, a baby!! A child. A life. A gift.

Christian Views On Abortion
A baby has all the potential for making all the difference in our world, in our our heart.
What would just our military be like, for example, if we hadn't killed so many of our future soldiers?
Or ever wonder why it's so difficult for many to find their mate? Could it be because they were aborted?

God has shown us His face in the face of a child...thank God, Mary didn't decide to abort the Christ Child...

Love To Submit To My Husband
Submission is in response to an obedient heart to God. In 1 Peter 3, we are told that the wife is to submit to her own husband, as unto the Lord, even if they are in disobedience to the word.
This is not instruction to sin with them, but rather to obey the Lord to win their husband.
We do not submit because our husbands are "worthy" but because Christ is.
They are in turn told to love us, not because we are lovable, but because Christ loves them.
Having trouble with your husband? Love Christ enough to obey His word and love your husband enough to pray that God's love will overwhelm Him.
We are to obey God in His instruction to us, not determined by whether others obey Him or not.
Easy? NO! Worth it? YES!

Husband Is Controlling
Only God should have control over someone, not a husband. God gives husbands the management roles, but God is the owner of the company and we need to follow his rules. God wants us to be in peace with each other, and is specific in the bible about how a man should treat his wife. I think so many things are misinterpreted in the bible. Some christians are so stubborn and think they are 100% right, and that's judging other's. I don't think there is any harm in seperation if it is starting to harden your heart. Guard your heart! It is what will be weighed by God. Seperation will either open his eyes, or he will commit adultery and then you are not bound to him any longer. Seperation is not a sin, but anger is!!! God bless and good luck!

We Want A Donor Sperm
God gave Dr and the Dr knowledge for a reason. I beleve is it no more wrong to have your eggs implanted a donor sperm than it is to have a heart transplant.

What would make anymore playing God to have sperm donated to bring life into the world than to recieve a haert to keep life from leaving this world?

I Hate Christmas
Well I was looking into joining this site and this was the second blog I read. I really wish now i had not even logged into this site. Being a Christian to me is Brite and Happy you feel good when you are talking about the Lord and I usually getting a really peaceful feeling. Not with the blog. I pray that God will put his hand on each that need it and feel there hearts with love.

God Bless Each and Have A Wonderful Week

I Hate My Husband
I don't have kids, thankfully but I feel every day like I married the wrong person. I want to do counselling but it doesn't feel right when things seem ok during the day or every other day. Divorce is not an option so I feel very trapped. I hate who I've become since marriage and I really don't know what to do.

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