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One Way To Chose Hell
Are you having problems with your husband? I am wondering why you can spend time with another man. Doing so, you are exposing yourself to temptation. Beware.

Are Orthodox Jews Anti-Christ
Rejecting Jesus Christ as the Messiah, or the Son of God would never make one an anti-Christ, or the worst an "AntiChrist"! The Jews simply did not accept Jesus as the Messiah. Aside from "non-acceptance" the Jews did not do anything "malicious, vocal, physical, etc" to make them an anti-Christ.

Could A Christian Do Nothing
Merna, when we ask questions, we definitely have some answers. I haven't seen what you have described, therefore, my mind is blank regarding this issue. I believe you are a Christian. You have described what you have seen. Can you please tell me, what you are to do?

Is Church Important To You
I've been out from a church since 1980. A year ago I started looking for and attending some church services but I did not find the holiness that I am looking for in those churches. This is to say that I am one of those who can function well even without a church affiliation. This means also that we can function without acceptance from a church. Society these days is no longer church-based.

Arrested For Praise Music Too Loud
Early June this year, the most silent faculty member in our department reached his wits end over the VERY LOUD PRAYER and the VERY LOUD SONGS OF PRAISE from born-again Christians in our University. Between 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM, while classes are going on this group sang to the top of their voices and prayed in chorus. This group had been warned that they are disturbing classes. The most senior faculty of the department shouted at them asking them "Is your God Deaf?"

Wedlock Kid Is An Investment
Part 2:
Crist, Society's acceptance is very important. Your immediate family's acceptance is also very necessary. If you cannot get their acceptance, then don't ever be tempted to have a child out of wedlock. ASIDE FROM SINNING, YOU ARE PUTTING THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD IN A VERY PROBLEMATIC SITUATION. You are bringing someone into a world that has no space for him/her.

Wedlock Kid Is An Investment
Crist, My society is similar to yours. But you did not elaborate how your society react to children born out of wedlock. Does your society accept children born outside of marriage the way children inside marriage are being accepted? My society is putting a "brand" to children born outside of marriage.

Are You A Spirit-Filled Bragger
I don't brag because I considered bragging as boasting! When one is boasting to tell a lie is the next step!

Prayer For Abdul Rahman
I have been working in this Muslim Community for 30 years. NO CHRISTIAN was beheaded because a Muslim has declared Jihad against a Christian because of religion! In another blog I was saying that all these troubles are just "politics". The "fear of Jihad", the fear that is install amongst us is made a deterrent for any action that a Christian government would do against the Muslim population!

But I accept that there are terrorists! And these terrorists are our enemies!

Illegals To Fight Americans
Hello, Tim: Are you trying to tell us that President Bush has "another personality" that would be revealed sometimes in the future? Are you the one posting saying that Pres. Bush is the anti-christ? Are you trying to say that the illegals of the US will soon become Bush army?

One Way To Chose Hell
Are you having problems with your husband? I am wondering why you can spend time with another man. Doing so, you are exposing yourself to temptation. Beware.

New Hobby Blog
Notlaw99 and DoryLory:
Thanks for the input. I will find time to follow your suggestions.

Men Just Want To Go To Bed
Thank you, Bruce, for this "reminder" given in four parts. It is enough to remind all women who are in the same state as that of the one posting this question.

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