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UPC And Christian Equally Yoked
You may have problems in either church. True trinitarian belief is 3 pieces make up one God; Separate entities working as one. UPC believes Jesus is that One being, all the fullness of the Godhead bodily. It is a huge chasm in revelation. MODERATOR, what makes the UPC a cult vs other denominations?

Moderator - They don't believe in the Trinity.

Are There Generational Curses
Ex.20:5-6 directly show "generational curses". Studying the original Hebrew and history will give better understanding. A better word may be "debts". See Nu.14:18, Ps.79:8, Ez.18:19 for other examples.

Why Do Something Not In Bible
Really it would make so much more sense to celebrate Easter. Every life is born (or hatched) but only ONE Resurrected to eternal life from a sacrifice. The J.W.s having presents is not so much different than many Christian groups having a "fall festival" during Halloween is it? Birthday & other such celebrations are a melding of Pagan worship and Christianity but there seems to be no specific scripture to forbid such?

Where Do Dead Christians Go
We may consider that our SPIRIT (if of God) is eternal, our SOUL (see Genesis)is our person on earth. Also our spirit may be only the size of a pin hole, not an apparation, ghostlike image of our flesh. It wouldn't take up much place anywhere. This brings us to some Biblical facts. Our earthly person cannot behold God. Our corruptable must put on the incorruptable to see heaven. There was a rapture (at Jesus's death) and will be another at his return in the air. The dead in Christ shall rise.

What Were His Answers
It was John Kerry on his way to share with Pres. Bush the plan he had during the election campaign to end the war in Iraq. He has been trying to get there ever since he lost but has been sidetracked by Christians trying to save lost souls...whatcha think?

Speaking In Tongues For Today
Tongues is a gift from God, to God via his people. Why should this not be for today? There are abuses and perversions of all things today as God said there would be. Should that make the truth of none effect? I think not. As long as there is a need for God to communicate with man and man to communicate with God there will be tongues. This I believe.

Pagans Decorate Trees
Bro.Bruce, caught me on a technicality. My intent wasn't to forbid anything in the home but to recognize things that had been objects of pagan worship. I think that very very few people have no items that are images of Christian worship. It is just that the Evergreen tree as a "symbol" was used first (Biblical history)to worship the "sun god" Tammuz & today we use it as a symbol during the season set aside to worship Jesus the Christ. Again mixing pagan tradition with Christianity.

Moderator - You are correct Mike. That is why nobody has ever answered my question below.

Are Tongues For Today
There are 4 distinct "tongues". 1)Ministry where listeners are of another language but hear the speaker. 2)Specific prophesy. 3)Edification (person or church).& 4)Personal prayer to God. There are scriptures for each of these and yes they continue today. I do not, however, believe tongues are for proof as an outward sign of being saved. I see no scriptural evidence for that.

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