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Merry Christmas Saying
Scott: i have mentioned this 3x here before.
I asked God to help me understand fornication, He told me, " the unmar
ried girl is your neighbour's wife".

Merry Christmas Saying
Scott, God has spoken to me countless times.
If u serve Him in JW, u will hear Him also. Not hearing Him is an evidence that JW is not His.

Merry Christmas Saying
David8318: all days are made by Jesus. Christians have no day for idols.

Married To A False Prophet

(1) Does he worship the devil conspicuously?
(2) Is he a known member of an evil cult?
(3) Does he preach heresy?
(4) Did he have pastoral training?

Benefits From Any Church
If you do not like insults, steer clear of Steveng/Trav blogs.

The Gospel Of Love

This is a very good question.
I think this can be due to some related reasons like:
(1) Losing focus on what God would have us to do most of the time and doing what is preferred John 15:21.
(2) Not being poor in the spirit (assuming all the good things in us, ideas, knowledge, accomplishments etc were self-made and not God-made) Matt.5:3. Luke 12:16-21.
(3) Lack of understanding of what the Spirit of God is like Matt.11:29, Romans 14:17-19.

Can A Divorced Woman Remarry
MICHA9344: //But, if the spouse is remarried, one must wait for the other to be free//

The Bible does not agree with this your proposal or understanding, please read Deut.24:1-4.

Politics From Pulpit
LEON: //Paying Taxes to Caesar:

"... 'Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's.' And they were amazed at Him." Mark 12:16-17 //

The Lord was not preaching politics. HE was approached by those who wanted to trap Him with a question (whether to pay tax to the government of the day).
A question & answer session cannot be equal to preaching partisan-politics directly from the Pulpit.

Can Dead People Live
// Cluny, the word "paradise" here is neither Greek nor Hebrew, but Persian and means Park or garden with trees !
These are earthly things !
---1stcliff on 11/28/14//

Garden with trees are also available in the heavenly paradise according to the scripture.

Biblical To Remarry
Carla: //we were not made equal, what you write here you will stand before the Most high for adding this concept claiming it is in fact a written fact.//

Man & woman are unequal only in physique based on the roles they have to play in regeneration.
But in spirituality, righteousness, fulfilling God given laws, they are not different.
He/She can re-marry if his/her wife/husband died.
He/She can also divorce & remarry if his/her wife/husband committed adultery.

Can Dead People Live
Steveng: //Besides, Christ has not risen yet while he was on the cross until the third day.

Remember, Paradise neither has day or night.

Can You Commit Spiritual Adultery
// spiritual adultery is putting tv, ball games races above serving the Lord. so very simple.
---shira4368 on 11/26/14 //

I agree with this.

Biblical To Remarry
// e.g. If a man commits adultery his wife can divorce him and remarry (but not for any reasons other than adultery) just as is biblically the case for men.
---Rita_H on 11/26/14 //

I agree because God is no respecter or cheater of persons.

Politics From Pulpit
\"I think preachers should be able to preach partisan politics from the pulpit. ..."
---NurseRobert on 11/26/14\\

NO, we do not have this example in the Lord Jesus Christ who is really The Preacher preaching through all God-led human-preachers.

Who Are Adam And Eve
Not thinking clearly, focusing, understanding what God says and sometimes setting aside what God says to go against it.
Submitting to the (evil) trial & error spirit (going contrary) instead of hanging on to what God says.

Are Animals Angels
//I know some people who think their pets are angels.
---shira4368 on 11/26/14 //

Please if you have opportunity to discuss with them, let them know that (James 1:17) all good things come from God.
God can use any of the things HE had created to help, support and wonderfully support us.
Created things are not special but God who created them and can do wonderful things through them.

Are Animals Angels
// The dog is barking at the back door..wife is knocking at the front door....wich one do you let in first ?//

Of course the human being (without offense) is more valuable to you than the pet & should be let in first.
God made humans to live/share with humans.
The pet living with humans alone is not enjoying its life to the fullest.
So if we really love the animals living with us, we have to allow them to also enjoy the company of fellow animals too as much as possible.

Biblical To Remarry
sin5694: //You are right that it is biblically wrong to divorce your husband and biblically wrong to marry another man after divorcing your husband.//

(1) I would like you to change your CN identity if it is possible. It is not good to be discussing with "sin".

(2) Your quotation above looks nice but it is un-biblical. It is "putting the wife away for every cause" that is not allowed Matt.19:3.

(3) If a man finds his wife not a virgin or in general cases of sexual immorality of man or woman, divorce is allowed (but not compulsory).

Pray For StrongAxe
Thank God for his continuous recovery.

The Anything Blog
//But, why God would give David his mother inlaw & Saul's unauthorized mistress to be his wives is beyond me, especially since God's authorized plan of "one man & one woman" hadn't changed.//
Have you prayed before that God should help you to surrender to His will.
This is one of the cases whereby you have to do this.
The polygamous homes of Jacob & David had God's hand in them.
If God hated polygamy for all, HE would not have allowed them to have it.

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