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Christian Wife Wants Separation
husband I r married 5.5 years. Never lived together. His Brother is actual wife. He lives with him free if he cannot pay rent. I live south ca. he has not been able to move due to insisting on his immigration limitations. That is over. so now excuse is that he can't find a job in south ca. He lives 10 hours away in south bay. I'm filing legal separation, he visits 4 48 hours every other weekend. I feel nigerian culture and dependence on brother affects his ability to make me 1st. His brother treats me like I don't exist.there is emotional abandonment. I am preceding with legal separation and he is not stopping me from doing it. We need a christian counselor to prevent a divorce that can see us on saturday. Does anyone know one in orange county?

Move On After Broken Heart
Love yourself and everything will work out.

Can I Date A Non-Christian
I know I have to let go of him. And I'm willing to do it. But what I'm worrying about right now is him. I'm afraid that he might get very miserable and will end up hating God for this. I can bear the pain that this will bring to me. The problem is I care so much about him that I know that I can't bear to see him in deep pain and misery when i leave him.

Can I Date A Non-Christian
Thank you for your responses. I (quite) expected what I would hear.

I know I have to let go. But it's very hard. We've been together for almost 2years now and I can say that he's really head over heels in love with me. And one more thing, our families know about us.

And one more thing, I don't want him to hate God if I would just give the reason that I can't date him because he's not like me. 'Cause you see, if that's the reason I'm going to tell on why I should leave him, it would be so unfair on his part.

I Don't Want A Divorce
I don't believe in divorce either however, you are to protect your children. If you look at these scriptures it might help you with your answers. Numbers 30:9, Jeremiah 3:8, Matt. 5:32, Deut. 24:1, Is. 50:1, and Mark 10:4.

Is Missing Hell Fair
Once you are saved by the blood of Jesus Christ is a happiest time of your life because you are finally home where you belong with Our Father and Our Savior. I believe that we won't remember those that are in hell, and God gives everybody a change to be with him and it is up to us to pick not Him.

Tell Wife Of Affair With Husband
I have to agree with those that are on here to leave the person wife out of it. I was just like u hun and I thought since I knew him through high school days and I asked him up front if he was married because I refused to be a home wrecker, long story short I found out by his wife calling me and I had already ended it because he was nuts, but anyways she knew I didn't know and forgave me and his wife and I became friends, but I just let it be because I didn't want to deal with him in my life and now I have a Godly man now and I couldn't be more happier. So live it be.

Marrying Non-Christians Advice
Did you end up marrying this man?

I went against Gods will and I married a non christian. I am paying dearly for it now. Trust all of us who have been through this, if you haven't married him, please don't.

Feel free to write any time. I wish you the best and hope things are going well for you.

Take care.... Ann

Leave Laid Off Husband
I know this has to be very frustrating for you. I suggest that you and your husband go to the doctor together and see if he is clinically depressed. Many men get their self-worth from being a good provider. Remember to praise him and build him up each day. I helped my husband by looking for jobs in the newspaper and online, women tend to be more patient when looking daily. Pray for him daily and just love him. Let him know how you are feeling and just be honest with him too.

My Son Just Doesn't Like Me
My son has put me out of his life and I pray everyday for a relationship with his family. I don't get to see my only grandchild. My heart has been broken and there is days that I don't think I can handle it. My prayers are with you.

I Am Not The Father 31 Years Later
I am with a man feeling similar pain. He thought he was the father for only the pregnancy and 2 months of the baby's life... just enough time to bond with his "son". The real father came back in the picture and demanded fathers rights and my guy's ex-wife had to come clean and tell the truth. I catch my guy looking at babys pics and crying. For him and his family its painful to know that that child will grow up and they will not see it. In their hearts the child is their family even though not blood. For you, I am sorry that you found this out and understand your pain...but you taught him how to be a man... I would say that that makes you the father more that if it had been your blood that was running through his veins.

Are Ghosts For Real
King Saul had outlawed witchcraft....but went to the witch of Endor to ask her to call the Prophet back from the dead...she was afraid , but did it....the Prophet gave King Saul his answer , and told him he was condemned for the sin of necromancy .

Calling a soul back from the dead is possible, but a deadly sin....danger of losing your soul.

Apparitions who just appear to terrify you or your home are evil spirits , demons--but 'greater is He that's within you, than he that's in the world'.

Can Lay People Baptize
Even if people ARE baptized, they may NOT be saved. Just read what John told the pharisees when they wanted to be baptized. He called them sons of Satan (vipers), not sons of God...(Matt.3:7-10).

And even if people ARE NOT baptized, they may be saved. Just read what Jesus told the man hanging on the cross beside him (Luke23:39-43).

The big difference was REPENTANCE! The willingness to die from one self and a life in sin, and open for Jesus to live inside - cf.Gal.2:20! So baptism in itself never saves anyone, it only helps us to understand the importance of repentance - if we want to be saved :)

Who Made Sunday Holy
If Christians had continued to keep the day that God blessed in Eden - in memory of the creation and in honour of the Creator - perhaps the theory of evolution would not have hit the world as it did? :)

Do You Hate Liars
Some people lie just to get what they want ..they are selfish..anyway u can quote everything the bible says but also the Bible says that God does not ive to any man any temptation that he cannot handle..

Making Sign Of The Cross
I think it is respect to our Lord, even if you weren't a Catholic.

Divorce Prison Husband

First of all you have a obligation to your children. He is not going to have them follow the right direction.
He chose the life he wants and it is not you and your children.
You on the other hand shouldn't of had anymore children after you knew he does drugs and wasn't going to stop.
Do you want your children to end up in prison like their father.
Find a church that will support you and give you the help you need to start a new life. Quit thinking about only yourself.

Just Lost Husband And Need Help
Hi my name is Ann, I just lost my husband 17 days ago to pancreatic cancer he was only 44. I cry every day he was my best friend and I miss him so much. I am trying to understand why God took him from me so soon. I know I will see him again but it seems so long away. He was a good person which I am sure your husband was. It just seems so hard to move on. You can e-mail me anytime.

Scripture For Salvation In Tongues
I am in an independent church that teaches how speaking in tongues is for building us up in Him. Paul said that he did that more than most.....maybe because he felt the need to do it because of his background! As we spend time, with the Lord, praying in tongues, our minds shut down and that line of communication is open between us and His Spirit with now hindrances. That's one way He grows us into a strong relationship with Him! I have found this to be a truth in my own life, as well. In Him, Ann

Deadly Anti-Christ Wound
Deadly and Fatal are not the same. Deadly means that it can very likely cause death. Fatal means death. When a Dr. says "He had a fatal accident." That means that the person died.

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