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Possessed With A Demon
It is not just possible, its something that psychologists call schizophrenia. Yes if bold enough he can deliver a person of their demons.

A Burping Demon
There is no such thing lol

Remarry If Commit Adultery
My thoughts is initially based on the male being the head of the house, the fact that a man of God in all his ways that loved his wife like the church and as god intended, it able to marry again because of fornication or Adultery in the marriage. A woman however, is subjected to carrying the babies and it is not supported that a woman should have another husband while the head of her home is absent, or if he committed a sin basically because children in the womb should be unless death from one man, he then has the right to be able to come back if he has repented fully to the wife if she pleases. This is proved through biblical teachings based on moral ethic's and a social and spiritual order.

Differences of Catholic Christians
What since both derived from the New testament Church of the bible both religions hold sway to paganistic teachings and many of which practices are not evident in the ancient beliefs and practices of the bible. The examples being christmas, Easter in stead of passover, the practice of halloween,American thanks giving, christenings, god parents, divorce and remarriages, selling of goods clearly demonstrated to be stealing by Christ. Many more...

Do Christians Have To Vote
The bible said to pray for them , not vote for them. Only the poor in faith feel that they have to vote for their own slave masters.It is a perfectly informed choice not to vote, I mean if you went to university you should now they all bat for the same team.

Spanking 15 Year Olds
Oh my goodness my daughter is sixteen and after she kicked off a few days ago having thought that she could be spoken too . I gave her a good old fashion slap on her legs who care what people think l have four girls two grown adult men and truss me when the police officer came after l called them l gave them the option to listen as l explained when l reapetadly ask my children to cooperate and they feel to disrepect me and it could cause some fatal accident...of course they gonna get clapped. Well l am still hear so are they,no brusies or abuse but bwoy she had learnt some very simple manners very quickly. Sixteen or not she never in her wildest dreams thought she would ever get clapped so her manners left her behind for the correction.

Married In God's Eyes
The first marriage is a good start Adam was given his wife by the most high, therefore it was the fathers role to find a wife for his son.

When the male go's into the tent with his bride he then has sexual intercourse with her, this according to the beginning is marriage.

Because the fashion of marriage has evolved to a ceremony in these times as well as the marriage ceremony depicted in Cana,

the only change is the ceremony. Otherwise these are the only true representations of marriage for the ordinary persons excluding Rahab, Leah or Bathsheba, Dana the Sumerian woman and Hagar. This also excludes women raped for the contentious crew.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
The truth is Matthew is clear on remarriage

11 But he said unto them, All men cannot receive this saying, save they to whom it is given .

Remarry If Commit Adultery
Nicole _Lacey your spot on Divorce is only permitted based on the points you have both read and projected its better to stand alone with the truth than with many on the wrong path to unrighteousness. Let the word be true and man a liar O.O

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
When a man cannot answer be sure he is not a servant of the Most High or he would know the simplest scripture when asked a question ...

1 Peter 3:15 But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

Bible Based Marriage
where is your biblical examples of remarriage for a woman who's husband/s are living without consequences of death or the challenge of fornication or adultery except Hosea and Gomer.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
I am not God I question the motives of those who permit people to remarry without consulting the scriptures and quoting as it is written.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
Nicole_Lacy I was beginning to think I am the only person to whom it was given couldn't have said it better no Usurping just pure unadulterated TRUTHS. So I can sit down I am not the only one that can read plain black and white ENGLISH praise The Most High God for agreement Xxx

Bible Based Marriage
Leon why are you adding something that is simply not there the continuance of Matthew 19:9 verse 10 can you please look it up and post it furthermore before David was Adam and Eve where is Adams second wife before the death of Eve???? Kings can sin, men can sis, women can sin this is the first example prior to satan that sin can abound. God is transparent and can order a donkey to talk however he did not instruct, therefore he pardons whom he will and punishes who he will that is why we do not have the option to call a spade a spade as the most high gives the example of saying "... I will have mercy upon whom I shall have mercy..."

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
Tray did you read Mark 10 did you read Romans 7 what bible are you cherry picking from, where is the word equality in the word, who sinned first was Adam made for eve or was eve help to her husband. why does The gospels teaches a man is head of woman Christ is head of the the Man The Most High is the head of Christ because there is a Godly order. We are subject to the husband not the husband subject to the wife and before the unlearned parade show up... both face the same consequences if they remarry without fornication, however the wife 1 Corinth 7: 36 completes the argument a woman is to remain single or reconcile to the husband.

Remarry If Commit Adultery
The woman was made for the husband not the husband for the wife, the masculine is first not the feminine, which is a biblical order of things and therefore we are to be faithful towards the husband man of god in his entirety and respect sexual intercourse as the ruling factor to which means one husband and one wife till death. The permission is not to belittle the wife it is there for protection as the Most High is the head of Christ and Christ the head of the husband, the wife comes under Christ, when husband is absent. The husband is under Christ.

Can I Divorce For Abandonment
Trey 1 Cor 7:15 explains the departing is unbelieving and therefore is not in bondage to stay in marriage. Where does it say therefore one can remarry???? if it then affirms in verse 7:39 A wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. But if her husband dies, she is free to be married to whom she wishes, only in the Lord.

Ichy ear preachers need to say what is there Not what is NOT WRITTEN....

Bible Based Marriage
You cannot undo scripture to fit any purpose Christ corrected what Moses yes Moses said was incorrect, Moses permitted their requests based on their hardened hearts, Now withstanding did he not say IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS NOT SO... okay what was not so... simplicity is hard to follow but lies are easy to detect when you have the truth in front of you, go ahead go read the account again Matt 19 but this time in context and read verse 10 you understand not becasue it was not given to you....

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