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Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
Paul tells us not to be equally yoked with none believers in the context that you're a believer. Christian is to marry christian. However he also says be as you were before you knew the Lord.If you are married before you became christian you can't divorse, but if the unbelieving partner wants to go then you are not bound by the law. 1 Cor 7:12-24. I also agree with what Paul says in these verses.

Newest Prayer Blog
Helen, Any other rebukes, so we know how to act around you? Would you like us to order your pedestal now? Why does trouble always accompany you? Go see a doctor!

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
AS far as I can tell the masons real purpose is very evil and play a part in the rise of the antichrist. although they appear as a bunch of good guys. bewarned.

Is Rotary A Cult Like Freemasonry
Get a one dollar bill, where the pyramid is on the left hand side, outline it and it's shadow as the first triangle of the star of david, then complete the star of david (be very accurate). each point of the star points directly to a specific letter from the words circled around it, spelling M A S O N. Turn it over and there is george washington who was a the first mason president of the united states. Most politicans are and have been masons.

Click Here For The Humor Blog
I hold no malice against anyone.

Click Here For The Humor Blog
I don't like clowns.

I Want My Date To Give Me Money
Mandy, If he really cared for you, knowing that you have hardships, but helps others than, what do you think?

Can A Church Minister Forgive Sin
David, We all have the power to forgive sins committed against us, but sins that have nothing to do with us, only God can forgive.

Blog Suggestion To Avoid Confusion
In lighter vein first we had a chat room (CR)now we have a writers chat screen(WCS)where we elaborate in healthy conversation,so the next order of the day is a name change just 'mecee'

Third Online Date Not Working
Love is a gift from God which we share in many ways, when both partners have the same genuine projected feeling, they then pick up the cross & follow Him in one anothers dreams of fulfillment, gaining impetus as life progresses:live for one another, look at one another & look to God In Jesus who said "I am the way the truth & the life, he who believes in me shall have eternal life" Protect the weak, shun evil, seek what is good, be not afraid. God has a friend for you,wait & watch.

Think My Boss Is the Devil Himself
When God created Eve he used a rib near the heart under the arm which symbolises care & protection. We as men come to serve & NOT be served. A wise man who employs these methods, always has a woman who is in accord with him, women were made to love & be loved. Only God has the Authority to demand & command. Wise women follow this plan.

Husband Has Nudes and Love
Having read all your replies. This is a sickness of his soul, Lust like drugs & alcohol is a sickness cured only by ones desire to make ammends contrition & seeking guidance of the Holy spirit in short he must make the change or else no dice. My prayer is with you Irene.God Bless you.

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