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Tithe To A Family Member
I do tithe but it concerns me that everywhere I turn ministries are asking you to partner with them, even in order to get the remainder of some sermon or word that God has given.
What about what the bible says about whatsoever you do for the least of these you do for Me?
We have people with no homes, no jobs, in need of clothing, food and the like.
I think wisdom is what we should be asking for. Before fancy cars and plush buildings.

Is Jesus Coming Back Soon
Jesus will be back. However, he is testing us, who is the true believer, and who is not. Your faith will serve you well. Toward the very end of times, I believe Jesus will return.

Living With My Boyfriend
It is obvious that you love your sin more than you love Jesus. KarenD please explain?
I was literally my bags packed out the door in couple weeks then this happened to him my feelings did not change on leaving because of the main reason of him not marrying me. But been seeking council on the situation and 3 Christians I know including the pastor of my church has rebuked me for not choosing to stay and be like Jesus in loving your neighbors but to me it's accepting and tolerating sin all in the name of love and not putting God first but then I ask am I wrong? so I come on here to get more opinions, so please explain?

Living With My Boyfriend
willie c:
his 2 kids are from his first marriage and are in their late twenties my daughter is by someone else we got together when I was pregnant with her her biological father is not in her life have tried on numerous times he knows where I live and has phone number but wishes not to. boyfriend has been like a dad to her. he is not mean to her but does not play an active caring role to her daughter knows the truth I have raised her to know the truth and she is fine knowing.

God Tells Women Her Husband
how can a young girl know the will of God concerning her life?

Angels Taking Women For Wifes
Angels/demons do not have human bodies, therefore they must have possessed human bodies. Perhaps these demon-possessed beings proceeded to take women for the purpose of selective breeding, hence Nephelim or what we have come to know as Neanderthal. Through genome sequencing, it is now known that Neanderthal were larger brained (smarter), larger boned, very strong, and cannabalistic, also most of us, if not all have "neanderthal" dna... Bloodshed, violence over the face of the earth by smarter, wicked, stronger, cannabalistic and larger hybrid humans that abruptly disappeared fits the scriptures.

Daughter-In-Law Problems
Pray for your daughter-inlaw for God to just bless her and leave the rest up to Him. You must live for Jesus according to his commandments and just trust in Him. God knows all your sufferings and how we really are. Pray for Jesus to bless her in the way only He knows is needed. Also, this is important: when you see your daughter in law silently bless her and ask the Lord Jesus to go to her and all the members of the family. Do this each time without being discouraged. He will answer in His own way.

Biblical Reference To UFOs
Hi Donna, I believe you. I had the same experience, although I did not have the strength to go outside. This has happened to me twice now, the other time a year ago. It just hovered outside our house for quite some time, around 2am both times.. as soon as I got out of bed the humming ceased. i don't know what it is or what it is they want. I am paranoid now.

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
my unbelieving spouse chose to leave while i was away, he moved all of his things out.
what do you think Our God wants me to do.
I have not heard from him sense i have returned home and i have not tried to reach him either we are on two different road and 2 can not walk together unless they agree and this is true in marriage as well pray for me brothers and sisters as i go deeper into the word of God and his eternal purpose for my life.

Wife Divorcing Over Bi-Polar
Your wife will never have a chance at stability until she finds a GREAT psychiatrist. Your support and love is being wasted on someone who's not healthy enough for a relationship. Put your love and energy back into fixing you. Why are you attracted to this woman? What draws you into her dramas? What are YOUR ultimate life goals? These are the questions you must ask. By hanging on to her, you are effectively enabling her, putting yourself into denial and eliminating any chance for your own happiness. Why? It's hard, but look at your relationship more rationally and less personally. Make the hard choice of loving yourself first, even though you may love her from afar.

Elizabeth Atlas, Author
Married To Mania

Strong Feeling For A Priest
I wish to reply to your blog question for I too am in love with a priest and I can relate to your desires and intense feelings.There are two questions:
1. If he said he loves you, What would you say or do?
2. If he obted to hold your hand or shares that his heart his longging for you, What would you say or do?
I present these questions so that you can think about them and keep your answers personal. On the other hand, never hurt (by shunning or not socializing) him when he circulates. Always look into his eyes when you speak to him

Still My Wife In Heaven
I lost my husband 5 months ago.I believe God will bless me with the reunion I much desire to have with him. I have sought the answer to your question. I have formed the conclusion that marriage will exist in heaven. Vows are til death do us part God is the God of the living not the dead. When a spouse enters heaven the spouse is still alive in a different state of existence. Your spouse is alive as a spirit. She is preparing for a reunion with you.The saducces did not believe in heaven therefore marriage would not pertain to a spirit who choses to die rather than believe in Jesus as our saviour who allows us continuation of life after we leave our physical bodies.

Invest In The Stock Market
i think christians can invest into stock market,it will be good and the stock market will do better!

Baptism Guarantees Salvation
hi linda,
yes baptism guarantees salvation,i was baptised after getting saved so it does guarantees salvation!

Why Do You Believe In Jesus
i believed in jesus because i accepted him as my lord and saviour may 8th,2003 and i attend church that preaches about jesus so i believed in jesus christ!

Blasphemy Against Holy Ghost
No,I Don't Think So,This Is The Lord's holy spirit,no one should not give satan credit and satan is not in charge!

Hawaii Cruise Vacation
i haven't took my vacation yet to hawaii but i did took a vacation to chicago,mexico,and washington, i can't go to hawaii due to my work schedule!

Report Miracle Healing
I just want to make sure that you know i've seeing miracles and healings before so god heals people with cancer,neck,and back pains!

Pay Off Debts Or Pay Tithes
i think you should continue paying your debts and just give tithes & offerings as well and yes christians should pay off their debts!

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