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Is Harold Camping Correct
True or not the question remains: Is Harold Camping a mechanical robot like the ones they have at Disneyland? His message is the same each night. He never wavers from a carefully written script. If any question is put to him where a reasonable answer needs to be given he slips into his famous: . . . but is THAT in the Bible, you must compare scripture with scripture, . . . I continue to ask: why are the comparisons always doom and gloom. Wake up people. Harold has you hood winked. He's clinically insane and just happens to own a television station. His radio family parrot his every statement like zombies.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Harold Camping, an endlessly looping tape-recorder, has memorized everything he has interpreted from his jaundiced view of the "the Bible". His television telephone-Forum: nothing but parroted answers to monotonous questions. Camping dismisses anyone who dares bring their view to the Forum. ONLY Camping understands how the Bible works. ONLY Camping is the authority. Camping continues an obsessively twisted horror story of punishment and death as God's word. His books proclaiming to be proofs are his Additions to the Bible: by his own rules thats heresy. Wake up people. Camping is afraid of death and he wants You to be afraid too. Hes got too many answers to be right about anything.

Is Harold Camping Correct
Sadly, Harold Camping is incorrect and obsessively incorrect. Sadly, because all his "predictions" are screams of fear of his own impending death. He is terrified of being extinguished. Biblically he's incorrect because he says parables and quotes must be Harmonized with other parts of the Bible, yet when he compares scripture with scripture he invariably shows contention and dogmatic opinion. His way his thought or the "highway". Pray for him. He's a frightened dying man who happens to own a radio and tv network. Sad.

Tactics Of Satan
Have you heard of fortune telling through perversion? My daughter said that a group of students at her college practice something called "semenancy". What is this?? It sounds satanic...

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
The problem most couples find themselves is they don't seek the face of the Lord before marriage. If you allow God to link you up with your life partner, then you won't be unequally yoked with an unbeliever in the first place. Grace comes in where you are married already to an unbeliever, the grace of God becomes sufficient for you to live with the unbeliever as your cross to bear.

Show Me The Rapture Scriptures
The English translated word "rapture" is not found in the Bible. However, niether is the word "trinity", but do you believe in a triune God? Just food for thought.

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