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Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
Donna66: I will disagree on your point that two can be unequally yoked in these days and not be a sin. Disobeying God is a sin.
2cor6:14 "Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?" (KJV)
You are the light of this world when you become a child of God. You and an unbliever should not be married.

peter3594: Personally I would like to see the death penalty abolished but I am not sure about the position of God on this. I dont have a biblical answer at this time.

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
Adetunji, my answer is not just eloquent but true. The old law of stoning a wife for adultery was not a pefect law. It was just a shadow of the pefect law to come through Christ. Heb. 10:1 Read John 8. Pay attention to verse 4. she was caught in adultery and what was Jesus' response? The old law condermed sinners by death to some sins but not so in the new. The law of marriage can only be reversed by death but since we cant kill no one, you are bound until natural death. read Jememiah chap.3 God did not remarry after divorcing the church (Israel) He remained Israels husband. Husbands love your wifes as Christ(God, husband) loves the church(wife). You must understand the old law to know the new. KJV

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
Adetunji: Where can I find your definition of Fornication in the bible? you wrote: "Fornication is sexual sin with your neighbour's wife/husband as the Lord explained it to me(Wife/husband unknown to man but known to God)"

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
Truely, God does not recognize divorce. The two will remain one flesh till death do them part. Matt 19:9 In the KJV Jesus talks about FORNICATION being the only means to divorce where one is allowed to marry (not remarry). Why did Jesus use fornication and not Adultery. The answer is in Matt 1:18-20. Mary and Joseph were engaged to be married but the bible referred to them as husband and wife. Jesus was telling his deciples in Matt 19, God hates divorce but during the period of engagement if one is found to have fornicated, the other can walk away but once they are married there is no divorce, not even through adultery. This is talked about again in Luke 16:18 and 1chorin 7:10 Paul says its a direct command from God not to divorce: no excuse

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