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Love Thy Neighbor
There is a world of difference in a). helping someone up who has fallen and paying someone's bus fare (when they've lost their purse) without knowing what faith they belong to, if any, and b). giving actual cash to a non-Christian or anti-Christian organisation.

Who would ever be drawn towards Christianity if we all ignored the simple needs of all who were not Christians?

However, we must do nothing which will support and help non-Christian or anti-Christian organisations - i.m.o.

Helping The Poor
Many people seem to not know that the word tithe means a tenth - they just use the word interchangeably with 'offering'. Others feel that it is not relevant these days BUT whatever it is we decide to give we must give it lovingly and joyfully to be used as the church sees fit. Usually the pastor is paid out of it and the remainder kept for church upkeep, replacement of hymn books and, sometimes, the expenses of a visiting preacher etc. but the most important thing is to not give it grudgingly or whilst wondering if you are giving more or less than other people give.

The Lord loves a cheerful giver.

Salvation Church Choice
Every Roman Catholic that I know believe Mary to be co-redemtrix with Jesus. They pray directly to her and refer to her as Queen of Heaven. They believe that she is there already interceding on our behalf. Maybe 'some' R.C.s don't believe that but I haven't met any yet who do not.

How To Study The Bible
WIVV, thankyou. I already have a N.A.S.B as, some years, ago I did several bible study courses online with Charles Stanley and that was the preferred version for those studies. I have many different version and, sometimes, it helps to compare one with another.

What Changes A Sinner
Lydia, was that a typo or did you really mean to say "
A Sinner is changed into a Sinner"? If so, I'd appreciate an explanation of what has actually changed in the person.

As James L uses the exact same words I'm wondering if I am misunderstanding something here.

Forgiveness And Anger
Lidia, your prayer for me is so beautiful. I won't be here much for a little while but have had results of 2 scans. They have ruled out the 2 worst case scenarios - praise God. Still more tests and more rest is advised because the problem is still there - the cause of it not yet found. I will read the 2 Psalms you mention when I close now. Bless you Lidia and thank you to all who pray for me.

Remarriage With ExHusband
The bible states that no-one should remarry an ex-spouse if either of them have married someone else inbetween.

If neither have remarried after a divorce there is nothing wrong with remarriage to an ex-spouse.

Is God's Grace Unmerited
Pharisee - if Sarah had been Abraham's pet ape, yet living with Abraham in the capacity of his wife, I believe that the consequences would be important to us all

Who Are Word Of Faith Teachers
Kenneth and Gloria Copeland for starters. There are quite a few more which others will tell you about, I am sure.

Did Eve Or Adam Sin
God told Adam not to eat of that particular fruit before He had made Eve. There is no record of Adam telling Eve or of God telling Eve not to eat that fruit but she had, obviously, been told by one or the other because she told the serpent that they must not eat it.

Both sinned by eating it but the bible makes it clear that sin came into the world through ONE MAN - ADAM and that salvation will come through ONE MAN - JESUS.

Turn Tables Over At Church
Mima, obey the law of the land in which you live unless it conflicts with God's laws. Hygiene is an important issue and rules must be observed.

In answer to the original question - no, this does not give us permission to 'get physical'. Actions don't always speak louder than words. Each case is different and Christians should seek God's guidance on every issue.

How To Study Scriptures
All those Ws are extremely important whenever we do not fully understand a portion of scripture. If we are ever confused or don't understand a section of the bible we should always look for the context of it and we cannot usually do this without knowing when it was said, to whom it was said, why it was said etc. etc.

Finding out all these things brings scripture to life and helps our understanding tremendously and, sometimes, makes us rethink some of our previous ideas on the subject in hand.

My Father Had An Affair
This girl came into the world in exactly the same way that you did i.e. she had no say in the matter. She is your half-sister and, unless her mother wishes to keep her away from you, you should try to have a good relationship with her. It will benefit her to know more of her family and it will, long term, benefit you.

Your mother is the one who was betrayed and she will find it harder to accept and might never want the girl in the house. Try to understand her feelings on this and allow her to take time to decide which way she is to go on this matter. Love her and pray for her and forgive your dad because forgiveness is good for the soul. We are forgiven much and must forgive much.

Did Paul Sin After Salvation
The bible makes it absolutely clear that people still sin after becoming saved. Jesus is the only one who lived a sinless life. Even after becoming a born-again Christian we are tempted and sometimes succumb to that temptation. The bible tells us that, when this happens, we can go to the Father, through Jesus, for forgiveness if we are truly repentant.

How To Properly Spank My Kids
Sarah "After scolding them I calmly and deliberately take off ALL of their clothes MYSELF,and lead them by the hand down the hall to my bedroom where I have a chair and a wooden spoon waiting (though I do use my hand sometimes) and I put them over my lap and give them a good spanking"

Is there any reason why ALL clothes have to be removed and what is the purpose of the naked walk down the hall? Is it to humiliate or what?

Your Favorite Bible Verses
*** Romans 8:28 *** It would not take my answer without the ***

Big Name Evangelists
Big name evangelists are subject to the laws that others are subject to. If they try to wriggle out of filing tax returns, answering questions required by law about finances etc. they could end up in jail. I agree with you that refusing to give the information is a very bad witness to others.

Do End Times Scare You
We are seeing prophesy being fulfilled regularly now and should be delighted. It helps prove to the sceptical that the scriptures are correct and shows us that God is in control.

Witnessing Without Speaking
Yes we can and many Christians witness mainly through their actions rather than by words most of the time.

People observe us and look out for our slip-ups. They also notice when we do good things for our neighbours and even strangers. Often our actions prompt questions and then that leaves the door open for witnessing.

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