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The Blasphemous Bear
Is this some kind of joke? When did the Government that ruled this receive a lobotomy?

Fighting Spiritual Warfare
For me personally, every day, I go to battle, or the battle comes to me first thing in the morning upon opening my eyes, I have encountered it. I have always unendingly had strong attacks from the enemy.. But a person who does not take up his cross and follow God will hardly even know what warfare is as the devil knows he already has him or her, and they are no threat to him or his kingdom.

Wrong To Question God
If something bad happens in our lives, it is wrong to lose our trust and lose our faith in God. However it is not wrong to ask a question to God.

Comments On Galation 5:3
Every man that is circumcised as a token of obedienve to the old covenant is a debtor to do the whole law, invluding sacrifices, offerings, and commandments. Every man that is not so circumcised is free from all such law observance, including the ten commandments. He is only under obligation to obey the laws and comandments of the new covenant.

Christians Saved By Grace
Our INITIAL salvation is by the grace of God, when we are saved from death and the grave marked for heaven, however, we do not remain in that state it then becomes up to us to no longer remain in the old ways of sinning, sin is sin, if we got saved and continue to sin after Christ has already forgiven us there remains no more sacrifice for us by Him. His Spirit will not always strive with a man, and that is what is meant by "BACKSLIDE" then hellbound.

What Is True Worship
send away for some of Ray Watsons high worship music, then get lost in it.

Out Of Body Experience
Good Morning. My Mother did. She floated up to the ceiling and then looked at her body on the bed below, while the Lord spoke to her and said Verily, verily, I say unto you, Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit. He that loveth his life shall lose it, and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. Blessings to you this day Cynthia.

Lady Of Fatima Blasphemy
Have you ever located the WORD ROSARY in the Holy Bible? Or pray to the beads in HAIL MARY? Vain repetitions. To the wrong person? Oh my goodness, as I continue learning about these things I get mad at the ATROCITIES and LIES leading the MASSES TO HELL, as the Devil is laughing his head off, as wide is the road that leads to destruction and narrow is the road that leads to eternal life and few there be that find it.

Jesus Wilderness Fast
He drank water to stay alive.

Did Judas Go To Heaven
A person lands themselves in HELL when they commit suicide. There are NO two ways about it.

Who is Joyce Meyer?
I love Joyces realness, I don't think she leaves one stone un-turned on ANY TOPIC she is as transparent as clear glass on a spring day, right after the rain, like a wind, she is sooooo refreshing.

Catholic And Christian Differences
I always thought of a Catholic as a Christian, no different than myself, If they would just shove Mary off to the small side of the stained glass window, and never mention her name again as long as they lived, I'd see no problem. Oh, and BREAK THOSE BEADS, and make some earrings with them, and Start to honor JESUS, instead of praying to the dead, stop twisting scriptures, to manipulate men into utter foolishness, then you should have a full fledged Christian.

Why Bother Repenting
Try living with a spouse who was raised a Methodist. It is an absolute NIGHTMARE!!! He thinks that since he got saved thats all he needed to do, he stops at nothing to do anything he wants with no feeling of conviction, after many years of experiencing this in action firsthand I can tell you it is a DOCTRINE FROM THE PIT, 'DOCTRINE OF DEMONS'. And I have had to pay a huge price.

Christian Descernment
HA, HA, HA, No J. Nonamous, I do not take Visa, but I will take the "Heavenly Express"!

Good One.

Christian Descernment
I did not reallize that I have this gift, it was my pastors wife who told me that this is what I have, Not always are things revealed to me, but you would be SHOCKED at what HAS BEEN REVEALED behind lock and key! The most secret and private matters have been shown me, as NOTHING IS HIDDEN FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT, AND HE RESIDES WITH US IF WE ASK, I am not the only one but many in my circles were revealed the same things like parts of a puzzle, to bring confirmation and EXPOSURE.

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