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Should Christians Drink Alcohol
Karfen ... ""In other words, you are going to bars to listen to the bands. What kind of witness is that?"

Is that any worse than going to a concert hall to listen to the bands ... or to an orchestra? Or to a stadium, to see the sports

Married To A Narcissist
Haz ... That does not make all counsellors wife stealers.

Why So Few Go To Heaven
But what you fail to see is that everyone, (all descendants of Adam) are already heading to hell already by design.

Whose design?

Tithe With No Job
Jed ... "Most of us can recall similar stories of our childhood probably much worse than yours"

Ah Jed ... are you one of those "most"? And were your experiences "much worse" than Trish's?

I suppose then that your drunken father actually did kill your mother.

Finish It Here October 2011
Nana .... SWadly, if you look back on the blog you will see Jim's wife has confessed she does not know which of several black men is the father of her baby

Vampires On The Loose
Christan ... Have you actually read the question?

Confessing Christians To Heaven
"Rocky, your post sounds like a bad case of sour grapes from someone who did not make Gods list"

So you, Blogger, did "make God's list"?

How did you do that? Sounds as if somehow you managed to secure your place on the list!

Are Male GYN Biblical
Andy ... I don't see what else you could have called the doctor. ... unless "non-white"

The PC of non-racialism seems to have gone overboard.

Here, we used to call afro carribeans "black" and Indians "indian" and pakistanis "pakistanis" and chinese "chinese"

Then we had to change all that, and use the all embracing tewrm "coloured".

Then they got annoyed at that, so we had to call ALL non-whites "black", even if they were chinese, japanese, or indian.

Daft, isn't it?

Does God Want Losers
Mark .. Why call them the "lost"?

Lost by whom?

Does the term not imply that they should not be lost?

But that does not fit in with your predestination doctrine that God selects ... for being saved and thus also for being rejected.

If God refuses to save them, they are not lost, but deliberately rejected by Him.

Core Christian Doctrines
I would caution all that use idols and chants and responsive prayer readings that they are not fulfilling God request that we pray in truth and spirit.
---mima on 8/26/11

That Mima is purely your judgmental view.

Is it not a responsive prayer chant, Mima, when you lead someone in your "sinners's prayer"?

Loss Of My Parter To Cancer
Cluny ... I think Mod is trying to find out what vasrious phrases or words are used by different peoploe for what is basicically the same thing.

You "believe in" (accept) Jesus and in the sacrifice he made for us (is thye anot the same a personal saviour?) and try to follow the life he asks of us.

There are so many different words, saved, converted, and many more

Many seem to imply that to be saved (oe whaever else you call it) you have to use those words ... but they are wrong.

Its not essential to say personal saviour, nor is it wrong

Translation Of The Bible
presumably then, shira, the translators were lying when they wrote the preface?

Governor Rick Perry
God never told us to put our money in stocks. He told us to invest it in the Kingdom..


Finish It Here July Blog
kathr .... it is acknowledged by the british government that children were sent to australia in the 40's 50's and early 60's to help populate australia with good white blood

some were tolld they were orphans going to a better place, when in truth thry had been taken from their parennts

a very sorry story

but the total number was about 10,000, not your half million

When Was Jesus Born
eloy ... i am sorry that you have taken offense at my post

had you read it fully, you would have seen i8 was suppoirting your right to use the word, as its meaning was obvious to all.

Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian
ihave collected for both christian and medical chrities by calling on people's homes

it is noticeable that in homes that are poorer than average, they keep a pot of change behind the door for giving to chariry callers

in middle earners homes we are given a pound or two.

from the wealthy homes we collect very little usually they see us coming and hide, or give less than from the poorest homes

When Was Jesus Born
strong axe ... very often i disagree with eloy and his use of non-standard words. personally i don't think he needed to use the word 'Christianed' because there are existing words he coulld have used

BUT it was obvious what the word meant. it was not confusing or unclear.

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
what on earth has the credit rating of the usa, or of any other country. got to do with God?

has america in the past had the aaa rating, while other countries had lower ratings, because she has been a better servant of God than the others

sorry for lower case only, but i have broken my wrist and can't reach two keys at once

Debt Crisis God's Judgment
gordon .. are you suggesting that the us government was complicit in 9/1?

mima ... you appear to say that the us should use military action. would God approve this because the us is |His special nation?

Responsible For Your Actions
Mark ... You open up the same old difficulty ... You say that if we have freewill, God can't judge us.

How then can He possibly judge us if we are behaving exactly as He makes us behave?

How can He punish us for doing what He makes us do?

How can it be called disobedience when we are doing what His predestination MAKES us do?

You interpretation of God's omnipotence, by which we are turned into mere puppets, makes a nonsence of the words judge, justified, punishment and disobedience.

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