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Sin To Marry Divorced Person
They are not living in sin. What Jesus declared as an ACT of adultery has been so since the beginning. God doesn't change and people need to remain in the marriage they are in when they come to salvation. People who claim otherwise are not reconcilling the Scriptures, rather they are adhering to the erroneous teachings of the early church on this subject. Divorceandremarriagecults.blogspot

Should Christians Be Depressed
I say hogwash, but she's new to the faith. Correct her in love if you can. But take it with a grain of salt. She'll figure out soon enough that though God lives in us we still battle with flesh on a daily basis.

A Billion Miracle Christians
Not all Christians believe miracles are for today, and are therefore not open to God using them in this capacity. But take heart, there are plenty of miracles taking place in the World. Sometimes we have to look a little harder though, especially in the US. Medicinal practices can often center stage them in our society.

Who Are You Blessing Today
I'm blessing YOU by being on here, lol. I'm just kidding. :p Honestly though, it's food for thought. Thank you!

Divorce Unbelieving Spouse
I am married to an unbeliever. It is a dangerous situation. He is spiritually blind. If I let him lead me, I will be condemned.

I wish I could divorce. I actually would be better off, but we do have children. If my life and spirit come into danger, I will walk away though. It is not right for a believer to choose a spouse over YHVH.

Sleeping In Different Bedrooms
Be slow to speak in your anger. Put his needs before your own. Spend time in prayer and reading the Word daily to strengthen your walk with the Lord. The Holy Spirit has a wonderful way of working things out, but he starts with our own hearts. Pray for your husband daily. Do not allow your mind to dwell on your husband's faults, but rather remind yourself those things you love about him. Build him up with your words. And climb into bed with him tonight! ,)

Is The Bible Perfect
the bible is not perfect. if it was nobody would be doubting it by asking this question. it is a book of stories from a long time ago. probably passed down orally, (and thus errored everyime rehearsed,) and then written and editted (so things were left out or added by each editor)

it was written by a man, even if it is the word of god man works for hid own benefit and could have changed anything at anytime.

I've Been Dating A Married Man
upon first reading all the responses - strangers telling you you're going to hell for all eternity, unless you repent and ask the Almighty for forgiveness, i thought it was a bit harsh. then i realized i'm on a christian website. gotcha.

i know how you feel. i'm in love with a married man also. but there are a few things you should be asking yourself. 1) what is your motive for telling her? is it jealousy that he hasn't left her? are you thinking that this is the straw that'll break their marriage? 2) do you think she'll believe you? do you think she'll retaliate against you in some fashion? 3) if you really feel he's a "serial cheater", why do you stay with him? if you're convinced he'll do it to you one day too, why stay?

Is Preteen Dating Appropriate
Of course you let them have their innocent crushes. They are just kids. Let them enjoy the most inportant time of their life!

Does President Bush Please God
Ask God. I don't have access to that information...

Can A Christian Marry An Agnostic
I myself am struggling with the same thing. Corinthians 6:14 says no, however, reading 1 Corinthians 7:13-16 offers a different response, which is yes, because who knows what the future holds? You might turn him in years to it. It is worth a look

My Boyfriend Is Skinner Than Me
i'm 16 and a size 14 and my boyfriend is the male equivilant of a 10 so it makes me feel bad, but he's really good about it since i told him how i feel.
tell him how you feel - maybe he can help you lose weight, it always helps if someone you trust is supporting you.
and quitting eating doesn't help anything - if anything you put on more weight, and it gets addictive.
good luck!

We Want To Leave Church
Hey guys,

Ask God.

LOve Katie. xoxoxo

I Am Very Discouraged Right Now
Try looking at it this way: God gave him the ULTIMATE healing! He won't be in pain ever again! God's ways are higher than ours. Our thoughts are not his thoughts. Before bitterness gets a hold of your heart, ask the Lord to reveal his purposes to you or to give you the grace to accept the hardships of life. God bless.

Does President Bush Please God
Ask God. I don't have access to that information...

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