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Spanking Teenage Boys
obviously did good.

Why Mary Mother Of Jesus
The Bible teaches us at Luke 1:26-35 not only why Mary was highly favored to give birth to a son in a miraculous way but also what name to give him.

Pastor Responsible For Flock
Being a pastor is a profession complete with diplomas and credentials from this or that religious cemetery. To find a man whom God has chosen for a place and time is so rare, as to be almost non-existent. I heard a pastor, a generally good man, who in his estimation tries to follow God, say, as long as the bills are paid, this church will keep on going, but when the bills cannot be paid, it is time to close the doors. This man teaches compulsory tithing. This is the best of the churches in my town.

Still My Wife In Heaven
My fiance' died 2 yrs ago in a house fire. She was a firefighter. We were to be married at the justice of the peace that day. We also had wedding plans for later in the year in Hawaii. She told me she wanted to get married to me now right before she died. I so want to be back by her side for eternity in heaven

Did Jesus Drink Alcohol
Jesus used the comparison of John the Baptist his cousin a Nazarene. That the religious leaders of the day would not accept a prophet sent of God whither he fasted or ministered to sinners. It was never about wine except excess. Now the wine represents our covenant with Christ. In remembrance until his coming.

Does Radio Substitute For Church
I wish to ask a question: Have you ever thought of helping these persons get to church, or taking communion to them or having a time of prayer, bible study, and sharing in their homes? The Bibles doesn't say anywhere in the New Testament that we have to go to a central church somewhere i.e. 1st and Broadway Ave.
It does admonish us to met with the sick and infirm in their homes if need be. so I would also ask if you are following Christ's steps in this regard? Do not answer this is for you to ponder and take action on

Old Women Date Young Men
Why Not?
It takes love,respect, good communication, commitment and lots of work for any marriage of any age. Hopefully, if the two people are Christians they are equally yoked inn all things. Just because you are christians and close to the same age doesn't mean you are a match.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Seems you have answered your own question. You have already decided divorce is not a option. Ask your husband to go for regular sexually transmitted disease testing or you put your self and family at risk. I know someone that knew her husband was cheating and now she is dying from Hepatitis C. She has put it in God's hands and will not take the treatment. Pray for wisdom and a solution. said my prayer when I wrote this.

Church Use Of Your Tithe
When you eat you pay at the restaurant you eat at. Forsake not the assembly as the time draws near.
Mal 3:10 Bring all the tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house. And test Me now with this, says Jehovah of Hosts, to see if I will not open the windows of Heaven for you, and pour out a blessing for you, until there is not enough room. Only a pastor from my church was there when I wake up in the Emergency Room.
Put it in the mail and see who is in your room in your time of need. and the Levites shall bring up the tithe of the tithes to the house of our God.

He Doesn't Love My Son
I worked nursury at church while my boys were in other class. I tried to treat all the children as mine. In my second marriage I had the opposite problem. My stepson had two role models. Other than the way he addressed his mother we were cordial but a little strained. So My wife had to be buffer to peaceful interaction. So if your son has a relationship with a male and can recognize that this might be your husband and respect him. That you live at peace as much as you are able. So you prayerfully consider there might be tension but with you in the middle and open communication of course prayer you will make the right decision. All things work together for the good, when you follow after God.
Been there hard but doable with God's help

I Have Been Married Twice
I saw the word adultery: all I can give is my experience. My wife decided she got married and had 2 children too young. She left and filed for divorce. I fought the divorce until we were talking and she said she had been faithful until she filed! Now weather this was to force my hand or true. After the divorce it was true. Jer 3:1 paraphrased if a spouce leaves and remarries and is put away again they are not to return to the first spouce. Do not take a widow in under 60? let the young women remarry. Some people are called to be eunuchs. It is better to marry than burn, so it is your conscience that will be the guide.

Should Christians Have TVs
I did not own a TV for a long time. House mate had one with cable and I started watching Pastor Scott dissect and diagram the scriptures in native tongues. It helped me to understand the different versions of the Bible. If I copied the Greek to the screen it would still be Greek to me. Granted there are things no one needs to watch on there but we are to rightly consider what we do.

Soul Same As Spirit
To be absent from the body is to be present with God. So how ever you look at it when the spirit of life leaves the soul leaves and all that is left returns to the dust it was created from. Seems to be straining at dictionary terms.

Thinking About Being Obedient
Obedience: 'If you love me keep my commandments.' It has been my understanding that on earth we become one before God. But from my observation: 30 years of prayer meetings, women listen to God quicker than men.
If the husband is taking his place as the head or priest of the household, then this would be a mote point, he would be the leader. You can submit to his leading but if it is away from God's principles you have placed him between you and God's word. The Word of God is of no private interpretation. The believing spouse takes presidence or the children would be unclean. Other than the privilege to sing in our choir no one lets me do anything. I do what I know I should do.

Do You Enjoy Being A Christian
Yes or my leadership would not allow me to sing in choir! Yes or I would not be here, I survived a large stroke. Doctors thought if I ever woke up from coma(I was not in coma.) I would never get out of bed, I would be a vegatable. Praying in my head, God this is too hard they will not even let me sleep! The bucking bed rolled me every 20 minutes. I decided to get out of bed, of course I fell I did not know I had a stroke. So the next day when I woke up, finally got some sleep. I was strapped down. 33 days after stroke they had me walk up and down a hill to prove I could go home. Christian is being Christ like I believe God can do anything we expect him to do.

God Allows Evil Things
God uses evil people to accomplish His Will. The pharoh that did not know Joesph put the isrealites under slavery. Where all their needs were met to multiply to become a nation.
So if they had not been pressed it harsh labor would they have cried to God to return to a land where they had to take care of them selves. (Oh to return to the leeks and onions of egypt!) So how deep of a hole do you have to be in like King David to look up and call to the God of our salvation?

Prove End Times Are Here
Fulfilled Prophecy Unreported News, Commentary, Resources and ...
... events in Europe and Israel that appear to be major fulfillments of prophecy that have gone unnoticed. ... to Study End-Times Prophecy. The Church Fathers 'fulfilledprophecy dot com' As I can not copy the resources from these pages and paste them here. You decide if you need to watch the Eastern sky for the coming of Christ.

Holy Spirit With Tongues
The Evidence? The gifts of God move when God desires. We can seek the gifts of God and they are without recompense. Twice I sought the in filling and someone I trust exsplicitly stated I got it. So it was no surprise to my wife when I was speaking in tongues in the hospital as God gave me utterance. She explained to nurse he is praying. But what is he saying? Only God knows was the reply. Did something bad happen to me or was I a witness to the ones that heard the christian praying in tongues? And I am a singer so I know I must have been loud!

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