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What Is The Job Of An Angel
Angels do the laundry, iron the clothes, do the beds, cook and do the needed errands around. See Genesis 53:21 - it's all spelled out in there.

Should Christian Consume Drinks
I don't drink any alcoho and the reason is that I don't like anything that is not sweet, but if people drink in moderation, there is nothing wrong with it.

My father used to like his glass of wine after dinner. He never over done it and never got drunk.

What Is Your Favorite Food
I'm on vitamin C diet. It's the best and it's lots of fun staying on it. Coffee, Chocolate, Cherry Cheese Cake, Candy, Chocolate Cake and Carrot Cake.

Does Suicide Send You To Hell
The pastor is wrong to conclude that they go to hell.

In most cases, suicides are committed by people who are extremely depressed and they don't have control over their emotions.

Pray For President Bush
Bush seems to have a direct connection with God. He claimed that "God told him...."

He's another hypocrite who uses God to rationalize his deeds.

Options For A Separation
When your pipes leak, you call a plumber.
When your house is on shaky ground, falling down, you call on a Carpenter.....
AND .... when you have similar problems, seek the advice of a professional councillor which is as important as praying.

Can You Speak In Tongues
I think most of you mean to PRAY in tongues and not SPEAK.

Are There Female Angels
Thanks Darlene for your explanation.

I think it's fair that angels should be addressed as "he" since we, men, are all angels :))

Person Hurt Me In Church
By confronting the person, you'd know what his or her beef is all about. If he's wrong you correct him and if you are wrong you have a chance to correct yourself.

What's so unchristian about it?

Are There Female Angels
A while ago, I wrote a Christmas fantasy story and i addressed an angel with "he". A daugher of an American friend of mine told her father that I should have addressed the angel with "she".

How is an angel addressed in the US, he or she?

I know that in my language and also in the Italian languages an angel is a "he".

No Money To Tithe
Tithing is important because if we don't tithe, the TV Evangelists won't be able to afford their private jets and to pay the bills to maintain her ultra rich mansions they live in.

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