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My Sister Broke Her Word
hi, all i can say is that we have to forgive unconditionally or we will not be forgiven. I believe you should tell her that you forgive her. And then things might get better. I will keep you in my prayers. I hope this helped.

How Do I Stop An Addiction
I had to get on my knees daily and confess my weakness to the Lord and ask Him for the strength to obey His Word. I read and reread Psalm 51, and 1 Corinthians 6. It was a battle that took me months to break totally.

God is faithful. He gives strength to the weak. He loves you and understands your weakness.

Who is Pat Robertson?
God gets the glory for Pat and the ministry He works at so hard for. His 700 club has helped me many times through the years. I like the fact that you can call toll free for prayer at anytime, day or night and talk and pray with a real person in the Lord! Pat Robertson has done a lot of good over the years and I thank God for him!

Why Can't A Man Find A Wife
Steve: if the divorced woman's exhusband has remarried, she is free to marry. That is Biblical.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Rebecca: You posted to me "You need to open your bounds of compassion." I was thinking the same thing for Arnold.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Alan: I saw his question put in much the same was as the religious leaders who brought the woman caught in adulter to Jesus to stone her. His wording was less than delicate. I prefer we deal with other people's sin in the way that Jesus suggested to the religious ones. Again, I did not see him asking for any advice for himself.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Alan: I did not get that impression that he was asking for advice. The wording of his original post was critical and judgemental and didn't ask for advice at all. It asked how she could be a Christian and do those things, and how she should get right with God. He didn't ask what he should do at all.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
cont: You are more than welcome to come ask for advice for yourself. Arnold did not ask for that. He asked for the girl.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Alan: Arnold was asking what SHE should do. That is not asking what HE should do. If the girl wants to know what SHE should do, then I will advise her, in private. He didn't ask for advice for himself but for her. I told him what he should do. Lovingly confront her with the truth of scriptures.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
cont:I know plenty of people who live together and I don't come here and talk about it. It's not our business. I deal with my friends privately. I could list all the sinners I know and fill this blog with story after story. I prefer to just love them to Jesus.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
Arnold: The saints will judge the world at the judgment, not now.

You should not bring people's business here. Bring your own problems here. Talk to the girl and ask if she is indeed having sex outside of marriage. Show her the scriptures and let the Holy Spirit convict her. Don't tell us about her sin.

Fornicate And Still Be A Christian
This is an example of my post about other people's problems. Arnold needs to concern himself with himself and not post other people's sin here.

Follow what scriptures say about dealing with a believer in sin. Because she is a sister in the Lord, you would do best to take another sister in the Lord to meet with her and tell her what you think she is doing. Then, lovingly, without judgement, tell her what scriptures say. Let the Holy Spirit do His job, and stop telling people how to live.

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