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Bible Says Christians Can Lust
This argument about "self pleasure, Wrong or right" is disgusting. When my eye is caught in lust my shame is high, i collapse before God, and repent. Jesus said "to gain life, a man must lose his life.." i am not to sure where that is found but you can look it up. Fact is if your pushing the line on any sin you don't even want to know Jesus! You are being caught in your own desire holding on trying to live life to the "full" as a Christian. What a perverse thing to ever even think of doing. The book of James might have some advice for this... Truthfully the whole bible does but read James first and you will see what even a desire can do.

Is Fred K.C. Price An Apostle
Are people who are constantly looking to find fault and then spend a lot of time spreading that fault to promote strife accusers of the brethren and thus on the side of the enemy? I haven't been here long but much of what I see amounts to nothing more than opinionated gossip and attempts to verify those opinions by taking sides. If your brother is overtaken by a fault, you go to him first and restore him in a spirit of meekness lest you also be tempted. If he doesn't listen, take him before the elders. Have you already done this or did you come here first?

Who is Chuck Missler?
Chuck Missler has done more research on these topics than many of us will ever have time to consider. This man loves God and has done more for the kingdom of Christ than many of us could even hope to. Throughout each of his books he explicitly states the importance of a personal relationship with Christ. His books have led many atheists to Christ. The fact that demons and "aliens" are one in the same should have been publicly addressed long ago. Look at the confusion around you. What have our conversations done to strengthen the army of God? Chuck Missler says,"don't be decieved", "put on the full armor of God"-it's about time someone spoke the truth in love.

37 Year Old Man Marry 20 Year Old
I'm 43 met a 26 years old nice boy, he's in love with me, I've tryed to break up coz this is not possible, I haven't told him that if he leaves will hurt me so much but he doesn't want to leave me, what do you think?

I Hate My Husband
Yes, I love my husband without a doubt. We have been married for 16 years. But, this is my second marriage. The first one lasted 23 years and I had a very hard time leaving him. He was a die hard cowboy that did not provide for his family. I stayed in prayer and study of the Bible and asked God to show me what he wanted me to do. I followed his answer and I found a wonderful man that not only loves me, but my grown daughters as well. Yes, I do love my husband and I know beyond a doubt he loves me.There is always hope,and God will hear your prayers. God Bless you.

Why Christians Disagree
I believe there is so much disagreement concerning the Word of God, because people are trying to understand and comprehend something spiritual with their human intellect. The Bible is spiritually discerned. It states that the Holy Spirit will lead and guide you into all true and that's exactly what it means.

What If Big Bang Is True
No way....I already believe in th BIG BANG theory. God said let there be and BANG!!! there was.

Who is James Robison?
To every question there is a pro and con. Some more "forceful" than others. I would say let God be your guide. The Christian God. And to that, James and Betty Robison are doing a great job.

Diabetes In Children
No, your doctor is right. My sister had 2 sons who had diabetes. The first one was born with it. He was very ill when he was born. Unfortunately he died at the age of 2 just a few months after his brother was born. Soon after the first son died, the second was diagnosed with the same sickness and he was also diabetic and insulin dependent. He too died at the age of 9. Their diabetes was related to the disease they had which I cannot remember what it is called. It is a rare disease.

Can I Leave My Husband
I am a 46 yr old man with BPD, my wife has left me because she could not take it any more.We both have damaging things in our past but we have lasted 25yrs in our marriage with lost of struggles. The more that I read about my BPD the more that it hurts to know that I have hurt my wife so badly and I do not blame her for leaving me, that was the best thing for her sanity. We have not yet ended our relationship yet but she has to do what she thinks is best for her and I will support that because I love her

Refinance My Mortage Now
Why not? Are Christians any different from other people when it comes to needs or funds?
In Old testament God promised blessings if people obeyed His laws and nothing after life but in New Testament all promises are for the next life. The whole system turned 180 degrees. There is no promise that Christians will always succeed, will not fall ill or their children will not fail in schools or they will never be short of funds.

What To Do About An Affair
When People claim to love their spouse, they just had "indescretion" (yea right) they are putting that persons life in danger. These days, when you have sex outside of your marriage, you are at risk of contracting aids and passing it on to your supposed beloved, thus slowly and painfully murdering them.GET OUT and don't touch her with a 10 foot pole. The Bible is very clear on the fact that you can be divorced in that case! Praying "what do I do Lord" isnt going to change the facts!

Is Obama Muslim
If Obama is NOT a Muslim then why was he educated in a Muslim school Where do you dumb Americans think he is getting all the dollars for his election It a record amount, and it not just Oprah who also believes in the Muslim religion.
A vote for obama is a vote to destroy America. Check out his middle name, do research.
Wake up americans if this muslim get in office by by america, your enemies win

Who Is A Real Christian
Takes a lot of prayer and seeking God for His will. He can show us if we will liseten to Him! It is not only online either, Hypocrites are in churches and in the pulpit also! He probably went to church too and did women wrong there too! People go nuts when you say you met someone online, but it is no worse than meeting someone at church or anywhere else!

Cain And Abel Wifes
Study out the Hebrew, "He called THEIR name Adam". Just something to think about!

My Husband Is Narcissistic
Friends, I have substantial experience with narcissism. See my blog, which I have just posted on blogspot, which is entitled "surviving controlling selfish men". I really do not believe that God wishes us to remain in abusive relationships.

How Do I Get To Heaven
Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (go to Heaven). But what does it mean to believe, even 'the demons believe and shudder'. If you truely believe, it goes beyond 'belief' but you KNOW, and you have an active relationship with Jesus. You trust Him in the daily activities of your life. That's the kind of 'believe' that will get you into Heaven.

Adult Child Won't Work
Parental obligation/responsibility is over. He's an adult/past time facing consequences of his choices.
Helping him avoid consequences cripples.
1. He's to have a job within 30 days.
2. He's to move within 30 days,with or without a job.
3.In jail for drug use? Tell him you love him, but refuse helping him avoid the consequences for bad choices.
4. An older woman takes him in? That's her choice and his.

5. Pray, fervently, immediately, if not already.

Divorced Living In Sin
If one is divorced, then he/she is no longer married. Therefore, the second marriage is not adultery.

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