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Are Popes Infallible
Several Popes have been rather 'less' than holy, in fact corrupt in history, ordering mass killings, inqusitions, wars, etc. Having said that, Pope John-Paul was a decent man, and the world is better off do to that man, in so many areas. Working 'under the table' he assisted in bringing down communism. Today the Roman Church is mostly a force for good.

Who is Pat Robertson?
Pat Robertson said a town in Penn. God will curse due to its school board rejected "Intelligent design." Pat Robertson said god told him to run for President in 1988, if that is true, does that mean if one voted against him they were going against the will of God? Pat said our Americas Founders were 'born again" In reality they were deist and freemason. When he opens his mouth it is only to change feet.

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