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Should I Look For A Date
2. There are many things we can do while we wait. The greatest of which is to continue serving God and His people.
Keep an active social life. It doesn't have to be dating. You can go out with friends male/female to church functions, dinner, movies, art/craft shows, bowling. Have fun, be yourself, that's what a man will want to see when he meets you, a lively, outgoing woman who has a life he can be a part of.

Information On Depression
If someone you know is having symptoms of depression, pray for them, and encourage them to reamin prayerful, and go to their physician to get a physical, and go from there.
Help is available.

Could You Do Better Than God
I agree with the moderator.

Your First Childhood Crush
My first childhood crush was on a boy we called Cookie. He was about 12, and used to ride two or three of us younger kids at a time on his bike. I remember my mother saying one of us would break our necks with so many of us hanging off the bike :).
I was 6 years old

Share Some Testimonies
My testamony is simple, and applies to every aspect of my life.
When ever I find myself comsumed with the troubles of life, and when I can't see my way through, something "the holy spirit" on the inside reminds me, that God is faithful, and just. The next thing I know, I'm coming through it. He moves in ways that we would never expect, or understand, I don't try to, I simply believe ...,

Dr. Kavorkian Gets Out Of Jail
Thank you Nurse Robert for your reply, as a medical professional. However I'm not spouting information, but my personal experience, and am offended at the accusation. If you have information which may be helpful, share it, don't wrongly judge.
My experience is limited to the illness and ultimate death of my mother. Perhaps most situations are basically the same, but differences do exist, I know what happened in her case as I was there daily, and told what was going to happen.
I could never forget.

What's Up For June
I'm praying for all who are not well.
Madison1101, I know how you feel. My grand daughter is now ten and does'nt wear the frilly dresses, ruffled socks, petticoats and hair bows any more.:( I loved that stuff. She now wears the dresses with the sweaters, or jackets, or skirt sets and ankle socks, or tights.
Still very, very cute, but I loved that frilly stuff. lol
I'm having withdrawal symptoms, so keep us posted, so I can get over it slowly.

Dr. Kavorkian Gets Out Of Jail
Does anyone know whaat signing DNR papers in the hospital mean?
When those papers are signed it gives permission for all medical treatment to be stopped, up to and including feeding. However drugs are administered. It can take days or weeks for the patient to die. It's horrible, the patients really suffer.
Same thing, only slower, without fanfare.
As soon as a way to make money, and make it not seem so bad is discovered, Dr. Kovorkian's method will become a popular money making business.

How Do You Pray
Prayer is a way of life for me, I murmur prayers all day, giving thanks for all things It's sacred, just between me and the Lord. I pour out my heart to Him, and I know He hears, and cares.
I pray for others, and ask others to pray for me. I never take it for granted when someone asks me to pray for them. Sometimes it may take a minute to see where God wants me to go with a prayer someone has asked for, at those times I wait on Him, and then go forth.
I always begins with thanks ...,

What's Up May Blog
I agree with these last few posts, the changes over the past year have been interesting. I too look to see who's still posting from when I first came on.
I've been shocked at some of the replies, the rudness, judgemental attitudes, etc.
I believe we come here to share and learn, but often end up doing just as the unsaved do, resorting to attacking one another, while trying to prove our point.
I have really enjoyed coming here, but I find myself hoping for the best, while posting less.

Unclean Homes A Sin
Thanks for your reply. I believe people are not usually uncomfortable in whatever condition they're in unless they feel they're being judged. It's difficult to know why we do what we do, unless someone starts to explain at the door:).

Unclean Homes A Sin
What is the real reason you posed this question?

What's Up May Blog
Good question Cindy. Their input added a lot to these blog questions..

Our Soldiers Being Killed In Iraq

I love that movie, and specificaly those lines you quoted. Common sense comes from the least likely sources.

Seeing A Married Man
You know what to do.

Born Again Single Men

Actually, the question was posed because Elroys question 10/07/05, do real born again single women exist, was up yesterday.
It's interesting to see how there is always an assumption that when a question such as this is asked, there is some desperate person waiting for "the" answer to come up.
It's an honest question. Most of the responses are about what I expected.
I'm confident in my spiritual walk, and being married is not my main focus in life.
Thanks for the replies:)

Forgive And Forget
No matter what it is that has brought you to this day, there is no one outside of you and Christ that can help you get to the place you need to be. Don't allow others opinions to make you question your faith.
I've asked myself how can you forgive, much less forget when the damage is ongoing? When there is no break in the abusive actions?
I learned to trust in my relationship with God, and take one day at a time.

Born-Again Single Women Exist
Well, someone resurrected this one again.
We're all over the place. God fearing, bible toting, Christ lead, kind hearted, loving, sensitive, trusting, and
still waiting. Oh well, Gos is able.

Hard To Be A Christian
I find it very difficult to be a Christian.
The more I desire to do for the Lord, the more harder it becomes. I try planning and the time is used up, I try waiting and I don't get around to it.
I have however learned to just stop, and make small steps in the new direction I need to go in. Otherwise I might get stuck:)
I've learned to (try to) laugh at myself, and take it easy while I'm living and working for God, and basking in His never ending labor of love.

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