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Authority Over God
well that just shows u how foolish human beings can be,and think.the creator of the universe,and all life is accountable to his word,the only control we have is by our choices.and ultimately we will pay for some.

Wearing Immodest Clothes
the issue is in many countries the world aka our society has told women they must advertise their physical attributes,tight fitting clothes,deep plunging tops,are normal,shorts that barely cover their behind,oh yes it turns a mans head,but leaves nothing to imagine.

Did Jesus Have Money
he didnt need money,thats the point.

How Old Is The Earth
i dont know ,and dont care,all iam interested in is knowing jesus.for now we see as a mist ,but then we will know as we are known.

How Old Is The Earth
read genesis verses 1 and 2. the heavens and the earth were made by God and the earth was without form,sounds like a ecretion disc doesnt it?

Love Versus Salvation
geraldine,God judges us after death,either we accept jesus and live as he told us or we choose to follow satan,and scripture tells us that God wants all to be saved,thats because he loves all of us,and while we were yet sinners ,as scripture tell us he sent his son to die in our place,we choose were we end up,by either accepting jesus or rejecting him.

Love Versus Salvation
please read john 3-16,and understand as humans we can love someone and not like what they do.and we forgive them just as God does when we accept his son.

Are Christians At War
oh yes we are at war,the world is sooooo overtaken by materalism,and many professing christians also,believing they are living for jesus,but living to acquire possessions,with the false prosperity doctrine flooding are ranks,Gods kingdom is spiritual,it is spiritual growth thru obidience and submission,not investments,and iras,stock markets,money markets,and annuitys.

Righteousness By Our Works
broad and wide is the path that leads to distruction,and narrow and straight is the path that leads to heaven ,and few find it.

Righteousness By Our Works
there is nothing righteous about human beings,all have sinned,only thru faith in christ do we obtain it,iam the way the truth the life no one comes to the father but by me.

Righteousness By Our Works
ultimately faith is what,when we believe in christ,makes us righteous in the eyes of the father.our works are a product of this faith,done for love of him who saved us,and because we love those who need to know him.

Born Again With No Sin
as long as u are alive,in the flesh,u can sin,being born again of the spirit washes your sins away,its the sin u are not aware of that u will be judged for,and the works done not by the spirit but by the flesh.

Do You Love The Lord
knowing who jesus is,and why he came,and what he did for the entire world,who wouldn,t love him?people love for a lot less reason,and stop loving for even less.

Why To Embrace Evolution
well brother all i can say is their faith is lacking,their mind is sidetracked by science,consider evolution as a false teaching,leading even the elect astray. personally i dont pay attention to all the jargon science uses to fill in gaps,what is dangerous are those that replace God,as the creator with mere chance,which by the way requires more faith mathematically than believing in God.if u need evolution to believe,then u really have no faith

How To Make Things Work Out
elena,i thank u,and am glad i could help,believe me ,life for me has always been serving,and helping,encouraging, whenever,and wherever i can,i will pray for u dear sister.believe me emotions can be overwhelming,but God can be trusted dear sister,and jesus died so that we might live forever,and believe this ,every promise God has made he WILL KEEP.

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