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Dinosaurs With People
I believe the Bible is correct and that God created all animal life at the same time. In Job He tells Job that He created the Behemoth with man. God also is not saying remember hearing about behemoth. God says to look "Look at behemoth" Job is seeing this creature. It is or was real. The word dinosaur was not used until the 1840's. Before that you need to refer to dragons which encompass most of what we call dinosaurs. You will also find many accounts in history of man encountering dragons. These are not fairy tales but all or most are historical records. Strabo, Marco Polo, Herodotus etc. recorded descriptions of these dragons.

I Want Some Christian Friends
I agree, making a male friend when youre having issues with your husband its a recipe for disaster. Be Blessed

Most Used Bible Verse
And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying. Is in the Word of God 72 times. I know of no other verse that comes close. Exodus 6:10 is the first time , Numbers 35:9 the last.

Have You Discipled Others
James L, my interpretation of John 4:22 is different then yours. The Jews are not saved and have no salvation to give anyone. The passage is talking about how the Jews had received the full revelation of God in the O.T. They knew the God of Scripture because salvation came to them first and from them to the world. Meaning it was first given to them, they rejected it, and now is given to all. But they do not give salvation to anyone. Only God does. Is there salvation through any other? Only through Christ. One way only.

Should Pastors Get Sued
mike, what people do you know that committed suicide? Is there information on that? I never heard of that. I think all people are responsible. Those who spoke a lie, those who believed in the lie. Each is judge by their actions.

Have You Discipled Others
Just another of many false teachings of Kathren

"Salvation is of the Jews"

We are told in the Bible that Salvation is of God.
Jews do not go around giving salvation to anyone. They don't have salvation to give.

Old Testament Salvations
Craig, you are the image of Kathr, the exact representation, two names one person, great trick.

I wish I could be as patient as Christian or some others, or write as good as he/she does.

Can Praying Save Another
Blogger9211, you are absolutely right with your answer. When people like Kathren answer with, it's God's will that none should parish, they are really saying they believe God is been defeated everyday. That He tries real hard to complete what He has written and decreed, but He cannot accomplish what He proposed in eternity past. Which is really saying, that man is more powerful then God and is defeating Him. And they call that person God. Our Omnipotent God does hear everyone's prayers, doesn't mean He answers to what they ask for. We are advice to pray like this, "not our will but Your will."

Explain 2 Peter 1:10
Kathren, you evaded the anwere with much stuff but let me remind you that I know for a fact you are not the incarnation of one of the thiefs who were crucified with Christ. That is why I know you did not die literally on the cross with Christ physically as you said. I also know that when a person is born again and commits to Christ he receives the Holy Spirit. And I know the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ are both God. So how do you separate Christ from been God? Or how do you separate the Spirit from Christ? Or how were you crucified with Christ if it was not literally?

Explain 2 Peter 1:10
Kathren, you responded with,
"and we know when Jesus said Thou in Me, He wasn't refering to God's Spirit alone being in Him"
If God's Spirit was not in Christ, what do you say was in him? Can you explain that with a passage? are you suggesting that Jesus Christ is not God?
And what does these unbiblical believes have to do with 2 Peter 1:10?

Cornelius Works Got Salvation
kathren, your mind is very corrupt. It is filled with evil towards not only Mark but towards others who do not agree with you. I also need to tell you to repent of that evil concept you carry within you. If you speak of the Spirit in you, why don't you show the love of the Spirit? What gets you so angry you have to resort to those actions? Repent and be saved.

Best Christians Lessons
alan, mark v forgave you not for having other believes or views, but for calling him a liar and a heretic. I'm curious, why don't you answer his point with what you really mean? he said free will was your own merits, can you explain why it is not? and if its not, whose merits are they? it is a good question.

Demon Possessed Person
Kath, I find it very disturbing that you go on day after day with the same slanderous words. When you stop to just answer a question you do great, then you resort to name calling and false accusations. What I see many of you doing, who believe in the same theology is resorting to slander. Learn to find what Truth God wants to reveal to us. That should be your goal. I'm on the side of God. Who's side are you on?

Demon Possessed Person
kath, I'm on anon side and Mary's, you take passages out of context and turn around and accuse others for just answering. Are you born again?

Do You Witness On The Streets
Donna, whatever you decide to do or who's information you follow, the Spirit will guide you to those He has prepared for you to come in contact with. Just trust in God.

Can Christians Be Soldiers
I served in the military for 12 years before I understood Jesus' teachings. There are hundreds of ways to justify in ones mind the taking of another life, but the New Testament says much about not resisting an evil person. It speaks of loving ones enemies, but not once does it justify violence. Anyone who studies pre-constantine Christianity will understand that the church forbid a Christian from joining the military. If a soldier became a Christian, they were forbidden from wielding the sword.

Made Made Law Bibilcal
francis, I believe you take the Sabbath just like as if you were under the Law. Making Saturday a legal day. Believers in Christ are not under the Law. The Old Testament people were not in Christ so needed to follow the Law. In Christ the law is in our hearts. We keep the Sabbath but not under the Law.

Made Made Law Bibilcal
Micha, brother, you are right concerning Jerry, for a guy who claims to follow the Ten Commandments and insist that others do Saturday Sabbath are they are breaking the law, he sure doesn't keep to the letter of the Law. His remarks like "Orthoducks" and "Cloony" and many others to the point he doesn't see his own sin.

Is Yoga Against The Bible
As a Christian from India, we know clearly that Yoga is a form of Hindu worship. Clearly a NO NO to any God fearing Christian.

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