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Are Some Miracles Fake
Yes all of the miracles are real read the bible jesus told his deciples that if they followed god they too would be able to do miracles.remember they saw jesus in person and had a very strong faith that helped them greatly to be able to do miracles also never question any pastor because if he is a fraud god will not be happy and that pastor will not last long

Mormons And Joseph Smith
SLCGuy...Hill Cumorrah is indeed in New York Palmyra. I would know..I've been there many times and am originally from a town near there.

Mormons And Joseph Smith
NVBarbara..Yes, 3 men claimed to be witnesses and saw the angel Moroni with the gold tablets. However, they said it was in a vision. Later these men left the LDS church!

Can Ladies Wear Pants
I am still attending this church, and have not chosen sides. Shortly after praying about this, the pastor and his wife visited us. My wife told them how she felt about being told she has to wear a dress to church. They were very understanding and told my wife that she is welcomed to wear pants. That no one who throw her out. They also said that the Holy Spirit will show my wife in time what she needs to do. In the meantime, we are praying about whether this is the church God wants us to attend.

Cross Dresser In My Church
We should never be too quick to shake the dust off our feet. Jesus would not do that with this individual. This person deserves to be loved.

Is Freemasonry Bad Or Good
Taylor is right about freemasons. I just did a google search and it says that the masonic temple is the temple of baal. At its altar, men solemnly vow their lives to a pagan god. A Christian cannot worship the God of the Bible AND the god of masonry at the same time!

Who Is Joseph Campbell
1st cliff...Since PBS is not a Christian broadcasting station, there's plenty of jibberish on there. Those who do not know Christ and thus live in total darkness as to the truth ( which is Jesus, who is the way, the life and the TRUTH) think they have all the answers to life's complex problems.

Who Is Joseph Campbell
I saw Joe Campbell on TV with Bill Moyers. I was amazed that someone with his supposed intelligence was speaking pure jibberish!

Allah And God The Same
Visit any Islam chat room and you will hear mostly hatred and violent language. Many Muslims have freely admitted that theirs is a religion of hate. Blowing themselves up in the name of allah is considered obedience. Does that sound like something our Christian God would approve of?

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