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Should Christians Help The Poor
We are supposed to be constantly trying to be more like Christ. In everything. I firmly believe that every bit of what we do should be looked at as what would He expect of us - what would He do? All Christians should be helping the needy - all the time. The choice whether it is through the church benevolent fund, direct giving to the poor, donating to certain ministries, etc. is up to each person. No Christian should ever be rich - the Lord strongly admonishes the rich. Those who are blessed with much are to be DONATING the abundance to continue God's work, not buying BMW's, mansions and lavish toys. Christ-like behavior is to emulate Him - He was the ultimate giver - so should we be.

What Is A True Christian
A Christian is anyone who is constantly giving all they are to Him. A true Christian is one who is always trying to do more of what Christ emulated to us. Christ-like behavior, not going to church or praying or "believing" in God, is the deciding factor. A Christian is never perfect, or we would then be God. Yet, we are always seeking more ways we can further act out His words and will every day of our lives.

Catholics And Protestants Same
Top Ten Cults

1) Mormonism
2) Jehovah's Witnesses
3) Church of Scientology
4) The Twelve Tribes
5) Unification Church
6) International Churches of Christ
7) The Family (Children of God)
8) Christian Identity Church (Aryan,KKK)
9) Nation of Islam (1930. W.D.Fard group)
10)United Pentecostal Church (UPC)

Explain Woman In Revelation 12
The woman IS the church.

Is God Just One Person
You are both sort of right... God is one Spiritual Body, but Three Spiritual Beings. If you use Saint Patrick's arguement, God is like a clover; one clover but also three leaves. One God; but also three parts! You don't need arguements, just tell your friend that you are both right!

Praying For A Soul Mate
Why be so choosy. God is known to be an almighty God he knows who and what is right for both our spiritual and emotional lives. Why not have the confidence and trust in the Lord and believe that he will not dissapoint you when he will give you that special someone. What if God has a different plan for your life and wants to use you for his will and needs you to be still so that he can manifest his glory on you. Be reflective and Godly trustworthy. He will not dissapoint you. God bless you.

Generational Curses In The Bible
Generational Curses are a reality but can be broken. Ask the Lord for forgiveness, ask Him to deliver you, your family and the generations to follow from the curse that befell your ancestors. Ask Him to break the curse and send it to a barren desert bound and chained where it may do no one any harm ever again. Remove it as far from you as the east is from the west. Ask that the Lord return to you 100 fold what the devil has stolen. Ask the Lord to restore all that was stolen to you and you family.

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