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Free Will Predestination
I think, talking about predestination is simply it leads only into confusion. Think this, In the beginning Satan was condemn to suffer in hell, And I think hell was only a place prepare to Satan but Satan don't want to be condemn alone so he tried to persuade people to be lost but Why is that God send his Disciples, the answer is that, to teach the word of God for them to repent from their sin and save. I know sinners have chance to repent and be save if they heartily want change not by destiny that they will be save. It's their choice,And God does not intended people to go to hell.

Should Christians Help The Poor
I believe that we are responsible for them because they are also are brothers and we should show kindness to them. One is, we are not doing this for as to please people but we are doing this for the Glory of GOD.

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