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Tax Cuts Create Jobs
Jed: 'While the top 20% of wage earners pay over 80% of all taxes collected.'

Could you tell me, do the top 20% of the wage earners MAKE 80% of the American income? I think they actually do. If they do, it means they just pay THE SAME rate as the rest of Americans

So that can be considered fair, can't it?

Tax Cuts Create Jobs
Moderator: I challenge you to provide some PROOF of that (tax rates).

The 'declared income' sure, we know. But the proportion of the income that is declared as 'income' is so small that it's not important...... If the rich had to declare all the money that came in as income, they surely would pay a lot - but they don't

Demon Possessed Person
Where would you get the knowledge that the person WAS possessed by a demon?

Remember the Pharisees!

Lost Books Of The Bible
-Ignatius: Having read the apocrypha, I think you are better entitled to speak of them the rest of us!

What are your opinions?

To Many People To Be Fruitful
ShawnM.T.: It is just that I cannot be sure.... we are neither told there was no death, not that there was death

So I take the question to be 'open'

When Was Man Was Created
The great benefit to most people here of Genesis 1 is tha lists 'days', so we can claim that we know the age of the world. But if the details of gen 1 are disgreed with by gen 2, what do we do?

It is a serious problem, which requires genuine (not centred on just provingout personal view) study

But I feat little such study is done here

Lost Books Of The Bible
Has anyone of us actually tried to READ those books, to know what they are like?

We are alking too much like we know actualy what they say [and most of us clearly think they should not be in the Bible, thought the fathers of the church - who selected the other books of the Bible - would disagree].

Lets only talk if we know what these books are about!

Should Christians Help The Poor
As there are usually not enough people willing to help the poor, some level of welfare may be necessary.

But - to assume the state will help you as 'your right' as has been felt sometimes, is both dangerous and not Christian

How Will You Vote This Year
Jim: I see two political parties, each with ideas, some Christian (even the Democrats have SOME), some not. As a result, I will go more with the member of whichever house is being voted for (I'm in a state with senate electrions this time), not the party.

I think both parties have some decent ideas, but there is also too much garbage being said on the airwaves

Why Is Abortion Wrong
How do we explain, to someone who does NOT accept the Bible, why a foetus is a human

Let's see how many can give at least a reasonable explanation!

Metal Music Good As A Christian
Narrow is the path to God. Think about it, if it feels wrong, it is wrong. You can feel the darkness. At least 3/4 of the people who posted on this website are going to hell.

The only truth which exists is within the Holy Bible. For every question you have, an answer awaits you in the Bible. Music was created by Lucifer, originally... So, think about that! Another thing, there is no such thing as "Christian Metal." It cannot be.

Are Men Beasts
Warwick: This is very interesting to me, for it has always been a question for me....

Could you provide some more places where I can search?

To my human mind (the idea of if you are seen, you will be eaten) it seems reasonable.

We also have to set a limit, which is hard to do: when do we reject research done and published on peer-reviewed journals because other evidence has appeared, but has not been published in similar journals.

Is it perhaps time to set up a similar journal, but NOT one simply to publish articles that reject evolution - it must be a general journal, accepting research papers from anyone, whatever that person believes

Are Men Beasts
What about the actual cases of evolution that have ALREADY been observed (yes, they are not the creation of anew species, but I think many people will take them as good evidence that the METHOD of evolution works). I mean things like, 100 years ago (when photography was good enough to provide good evidence) there were more white moths, as the land was white. As black soot gathered, moths became black, as that prevented them from being eaten. Any suggestions?

Is China A King Of The East
The 200 or 300 million soldiers is just because every Chinese is taught i the military for a while

So if they want, they can raise that level of military

But my experience (5 years in China) is that there is one thing the Chinese government HATES, and that is truth, and reality

Their great game is to tell lies until the Chinese believe lies

In China: truth = that the Chinese communist party likes

Lies = what the Chinese communist party does not like

When a country is born which ONLY believes propaganda, not truth, the world is in trouble

Was Jesus Born With Sin
Catherine, Emma's comment has a point

It is not our business to judge others [at least not over the internet]

Jesus gives ways to deal with a brother/sister who is sinning, as do the apostolic letters, many of which end with 'treat him as a tax collector or sinner'

But your judgement is too immediate, you do not try to work out what the poster means, but you condemn him or her without considering anything

I have seen that in only one place - atheist, communist China

Your Experience With Divorce
Cluny: in that case, it's fine! I just didn't want adultery to placed just on one gender!

Your Experience With Divorce
Eloy: 'Adulteress spouses'

Why the women only? Do men not do the same?

What Are Essentials Of Salvation
Eloy was quoting the NASB, which does use the word "obey" in place of "believe". Those of you who've insulted Eloy owe him an apology for accusing him of "twisting" the Word and inventing his own translation. Further, that view is PERFECTLY consistent with other New Testament scripture (see Hebrews 5:8-9, John 14:23 just to mention a couple). To deny that we are called to obedience is to deny Christ.

Why Should I Believe In God
Listen to this... Hinduism recognizes Jesus as a wise holy man, Buddhism refers to Jesus as a wise guru (same thing I guess,) and Muslims look at Jesus as a great Prophet of God. If so many religions that are spread from one end of the globe to the other recognize Him as a man of God then shouldn't that be some pretty good proof that the Christian God is the only one? Not to mention how good Christians are doing when they actually follow the Holy Bible. I have never seen anyone in my Church in the slums with everything going wrong. And I'm of course talking about the ones who follow the Bibles teachings. Read the Bible for yourself. There is comfort in it's words and teachings.

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