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Husband Is Too Old For Me
Age is one thing but today there are drugs, like viagra, cialis, and levitra that can correct a man's sexual problems, howbeit, there are often health problems that older man may have which may prevent maximum performance.

I would suggest that you present the problem to your husband and get him to take advantage of medical help.

On the other hand, maybe age is not the problem but your lack of attraction. Some women I know weighing in overe 350 pounds simply would turn anyone off.

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
//The bottom line is that you have no right to interfere with God's plans for someone's life including your own.

Innoculations for smallpox could be regarded by some as interfering with God's plan.

Let each and every person realize he or she must be accountable for their own actions. Unfortunately we tend to impose our theology which is based more on what we want to believe, onto others refusing to listen to any other side of the issue.

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
We might be able to fully justify the abortion if the mother is a crackhead - on cocaine as the child will only live a few days or be gravely mentally or physically challenged for the rest of its life.

There is an organization in California that offers free abortions for crackhead alone with a free sterilization.

The question arises as to how much resources should be donoated to care for chidren that are unredeemable mentally or physically challenged.

Should All Abortions Be Illegal
//If you tell them life begins at conception, which cannot be proven, it turns people off

True, as a embryo or fetus is not considered a human being until birth. The concept of life beginning at conception is truly one of human declaration.

We do not provide funerals for miscarriages or of fertilized eggs that failed to attach themselves to the uterus.

Should Christians Help The Poor
I believe that as far as the poor are concerned, we can see that it may be our own lot someday soon.

I read this morning that pension funds are way out of control with thousands of people drawing well over $100k per year and most are state employees.

As such some state pension funds will be totally depleted in a very few years, they must look either to bankruptcy or federal government bailouts once their own general funds are run out.

This country is heading for some real bad financial troubles which may result in a totally new government which will have far more controls over everyone and everything.

Should Christians Help The Poor
I can see that as people become more and more dependent upon government that eventually there will not be enough resources to provide for them. At present our medical costs have no boundaries, nor does it seem the same for our educational system - more money and less results with unions yielding no ground but demanding more and more benefits. Eventually the system will collapse with a new type of government being formed that will give us far less freedom than we have not.

Should Christians Help The Poor
The poor are often like the bears, once you start feeding them they will cease to strive for their own food.

the best thing to do with a poor person is to find him a job so he can support himself. However, if he cannot work, then I can see helping him.

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