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Christian Magic For Kids
Not my child that's performing magic. Magic doesn't belong in a believer's life or in the Church. Mixing light with darkness. Serves no purpose - it does not point to Jesus Christ. Gordon, I believe those who are fascinated with the dark arts/witchcraft, and proclaim Christianity are totally in denial. H.P. is a child's intro to witchcraft. Those saying I was born again, my life is totally changed except that I'm into witchcraft shows for fun, it's simply entertainment. The old man isn't dead yet.

Christian Magic For Kids
Do you think Criss Angel Mindfreak is demonic or an illusionist?
Is his levitating real or an illusion?

My Girlfriend Isn't A Virgin
No human can determine whether or not a person is worhty of another.You need to trust God, that He will show you the person that you are to marry. Have faith and trust un the Lord, He will be with you every step of the way. But you must give this burden to the Lord. Only He has the strength that you need to push through.

Do Men Want Big Women
For Americans, the spin is on. We play down the dangers of obesity. Attraction is only half of the story. Obesity kills you. Slowly, but it is the beginning of disease.
Heart attacks, diabetes; high cholesterol and high blood sugar, put them together, it's called cardiometabolic risk. It's a scary pair. Belly fat causes heart disease.

Do Men Want Big Women
No matter how you slice it, it's not really beautiful. Blindness, kidney disease, amputation (diabetes); 2 out of 3 Americans are overweight/obese. Even a 10 lb loss can help to prevent diabetes.
If you take it down to primitive man, he was attracted to health and longevity for continuation of the species.

Do Men Want Big Women
I don't know if man has evolved from that type of attraction, health and longevity. :-)

Real men do not care for made-up Barbie Doll types either. They usually can't even see 15 lbs of excess weight. Take it up 50, 75, 100lbs. and beyond, it does cloud visions of beauty, even through rose colored glasses.

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