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Can This Christian Remarry
In a different scenerio- my wife divorced me because of my previously unChristian lifestyle. (i have since come to faith and been born again). I was her second husband. She divorced her first NOT because of adultry. On two grounds- can I remarry?- first - because I am born again and a new being in God's eyes, and/or- was our marriage not recognized by God because of her reason for her first divorce.

Mega Churches Want Money
be ware of Mega Churches or any churches that always be asking for a lot of money, personally i think those churches are out for money if u ask me, Jesus said where there is two or three gathered in my name i am in the mist of them and Jesus blessings are free u don't have to pay one red penny, take my advice don't put your trust and money in those Mega churches put your trust in the Lord.

Adam And Eve Had No Faith
Eloy, how much do you want to bet MarkV will now accuse you of being kathr or vice versa.

The Thought For The Day
Cathrine you are right in that no one goes to heaven without believing in Jesus but Israel is still God's chosen people. Read Romans chapters 9-11 and in revelation. for after the rapture God still protects Israel from her enemies.(battle of Armeggedon) And God does seal 144,000 Jews.Once Christ conquers israels enemies then israel will believe that Christ is the Son of God. This is partof God's plan. Since the Jews eyes are blinded to the truth god sent salvation to the gentiles to make them jealous and wonder. this is never ending so I'll end here. Please read the passage in Romans and see if that doesn't change your mind about this.

Holocaust Punishment From God
"Love your neighbor as you love yourself" whether they be Christian, Jew, Muslim or other. The question is unaswerable since we don't know the mind of God. Further, speculation on such a provocative question could lead some to hatred and personal acts of evil. Leave all judgement and retribution to God.

Affair With A Church Woman
I have been through something similar as a Single man who was emotionally involved with a married woman at work and it was mutual. God protected me from the immeadiate consequences and it turned out for the good and God got the praise for she was being physically abused and eventually they got counseling and then started going to church. Their relationship was restored. Being this is someone in church is very hard. You have to break it off cold turkey, run like Joseph did in Genesis, and saturate yourself in God's word, trust God to take care of you, and seek God, confess your sin ask for forgiveness and direction. (I John 1:9) I would get counseling from a staff person in the church and tell your wife(after you break free from the woman).

Who Pays For A Date
I wished I have seen this blog a few years ago. this was one of my issues with my ex-girlfriend she wanted to pay for the dates. She started after dating for 2 years she did it before i knew what was going on and I confronted her and she still did it and confronted her a few more times before she stopped paying. I've never expierenced anything like it. I agree things have changed and some women make more money than a man as it was in my case. It would have been easier if it was discussed before she started paying. I felt my manhood was challenged and that it was a control issue.(She said when she goes out with her friends they always take turns paying. But this is different I was seeing her in consideration to marrying her.

I Need A Good Pastor In Church
Are you all still in need of a pastor because I am looking for a spirit filled church to pastor?

Break Ten Commandments
John 15:6

If a man abide not in me,

he is cast forth as a branch,

and is withered,

and men gather them,

and cast them into the fire,

and they are burned.

How Can I Save My Marriage
My wife of 12 years told me the same last Sept. We have 6 children. I allowed her some space and asked God to bring us back together. He did do that. But once we were together, I feel that I might have tried too hard to get us back together and did not wait for God to take his cource. She since has left and start the divorce again.

I feel that if a marriage is to survive the difficult times, the two of you need to pray together. Lay out your feels or mistakes to god, infront of your spouse. I feel this was an area that my wife and I did not do. We were to be one body worshiping to god according to gods word. I have not given up on our marriage, but I do wish that I had been more active in daily prayer with my wife.

How To Lose Your Salvation
That there is even a debate about this question is truly disturbing. The fact is that we can not lose our salvation. Those who have said the sinner's prayer and go back to the world are only deluding themselves. Salvation is a live transforming regeneration. It can't be faked, bought, copied, sold, told, or otherwise used. Salvation is forever. Christ Jesus died ONCE. Luke 9:23-24 tell you what true salvation means.

Christian Magic For Kids
I am a full-time magician who performs for many churches. To even compare what I do with witchcraft is absurd. One of the first things I tell children in my shows is that what I'm doing is JUST illusion and that God alone can do real miracles. And by the way, to think Bewitched or I Dream of Jeannie were bad influences shows just how small some people's minds really are.

Virgin Birth Of Jesus Christ
*In Jesus's day, every mother who had a baby for the first time to her first husband was a virgiin, whether the child was conceived in the betrothal period, or more likely, after the wedding ceremony.*
Hmm how come we don't see that reflected in the Bible when other children are born? The Bible is clear that she was a virgin and this was of the holy spirit - Matt 1:18 "...when as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost."

Foundation Of Marriage
I think the foundation is to seek the Lords will and have him as the center of the marriage. Commitment and accountablity is vital. Then physical, not to be looked as least but having the others in proper order makes the marriage great.

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