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Nightmares Mean Not A Christian
As to whether you are truly a Christian or not, that is a matter between you and the Lord.

There are so many possibilities as to why satan uses this method against you that I suggest you find someone (ask the Lord) to discuss the context of the nightmares with and to pray with and for you.

satan uses that which is most effective against a believer until through Christ you have overcome it.

My experience in dealing with such matters is that he would not waste his time attacking someone whom had nothing within them for him to fear.

How To Speak In Tongues Today
Pentecostals make the cause of Christ for ridicule by continuing to trick themselves and others into believing tongues and signs. Most of the tongues have proven to be false. Same with the gift of healings today. THere is so much greed by these pastors and so much theatrics that the masses are blindly believing such things without searching the scriptures or understanding Biblical truths. It is a sad thing.

Benny Hinn And RT Kendall
What has happened at Westminster Chapel over the years through Dr. Kendall is filthy and disgusting.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
we must aware of any strange power without the name of Jesus Christ.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
Dear all,
magic or Hypnosis is belong to Devil,but the person who learns it , don't know what is behind the scene, it's something that Devil gives you and make you no longer to have faith in God and u treat Hypnosis like your God, It breaks the rule of the bible. what is the point? this is to confuse those christian and all the people to go to hell..and Satan is happy to see that.

Bible Say About Hypnosis
hynosis is just like a black magic, just like what satan used it control our mind to seduce us to make sins.if we stay with Jesus Christ, we can't be hynosized as the power of Darkness is not greather than Lord Jesus Christ.Stay cool stay calm and read the bible..

Evolution And Creationism Opposite
It's odd, but after awhile, you can know exactly who wrote the post by catching a few words from the opening line. I knew it was you, Steveng. You're full of bologna.

Democrats Take Over Congress
Yes, she did. My IQ is such and such, what's your's, she said.
Brilliant, utterly brilliant.

Are Rosary Beads A Sin
Dear people this Rosary is not good. I was a Catholic and I used to pray it a lot, because my mother did and I'm sure a lot of your mothers did also. I am now a new creation in Christ Jesus. I realize now that praying the Rosary is useless. Jesus told us who to pray to. Pray to God the Father in Jesus name. He will honor that.

Are Rosary Beads A Sin
I think all the reps ate some brain cells. Toss the Rosary Beads in the garbage. better yet, burn them and repent. When you get serious with God, He will reveal himself to you. Burn the Rosary now.

Christian Magic For Kids
Creating/drawing demonic art plants the seed that I'm above reproach. I can come to a Christian website and purge myself of all my dirty deeds, and that makes everything alright. I can be a big phony and no one will ever know.

Is The Bible Our Authority
Not particularly, Steveng.
No, not really.

What Is Holy Water
Emcee, who cares? Get right with God before it's too late. Your not getting any younger, cliff.

Christian Woman Marry A Hindu
Jesus was not concerned with domestic bliss

Matthew 10:21-22, 34-39

You must not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but a sword. I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother, a sons wife against her mother-in-law; and a man will find his enemies under his own roof.

Husband Comes Home Dirty
I agree with perplexed. I have seen this before. It happens more than you think. Many secrets will only separate a married couple more. They both have to be totally honest with each other and they both must learn their place in the marriage according to God's requirements. Pray for them. It will do wonders! Someone prayed for me, and that prayer was answered.

Told Me Who To Marry
In my opinion, don't get married...
Steveng, your writing and ravings have a dark side. I know someone exactly like you, he used religion as a front for some really questional behaviors. He also used religion to pacify, soothe his own mind about what it was he was really doing. Steveng, you need help.

Is Yoga OK For Christians
Steveng, didn't see anything overly brilliant in your answer.

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