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Christian Magic For Kids
I believe if a person uses magic, puppets, art,music or whatever to entertain as they teach the word of God, they are using the gifts that God gave them. It makes the message more memorable fore the viewer, especially the children and the children at heart. I ocassionally do a puppet or clown routine in church. I get nice comments for weeks after, and am asked when the next one will be. God gave us all gifts, and using them to teach his word is the best way to show our appreciation.

Is The Catholic Bible Biblical
You guy's can argue until you die, but you'll never really know until God shows you, through regeneration.

When To Be Baptised
If your baptized as a baby, this only defeats the whole purpose. Baptism is a conscience confession of your faith and a reaffirming commitment to continue in it. Jesus was 30 years old when He was baptised.
Someone else cannot decide for you to be baptized, just like someone else cannot commute your salvation. It has to be done on a personal basis. We, and only we, have to make these decisions.
I was baptized when I was an infant, but it was just a useless ritual.
At 37, I got baptized.

Ray Comfort's Soul Winning
I think Ray Comfort has an excellent method. He makes people see they are eternally lost and need a saviour. He in fact does tell them how to do it.

God's Rules Are Guidelines
God did not "intend" us to sin, that is why he made Adam.

My Wife Is Verbally Abusive
A loving heart will win in the end. Question: who will show the right heart? Will it be the 1 that shoots bible darts? Probably not. Will it be the one that concedes? No! It will be the one that speaks to the spouse while speaking to God in love (called prayer!) I too have an outspoken and intellectual spouse. She is a blessing and a curse. Christ says that forgiveness is key, that I can never live up to the life that's been given me; that's why .. --truncated to 85 words, sorry

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