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2008 Presidential Election
I took the survey! I sure would not vote for Hillary Clinton!

Unequally Yoked Due To Church
I don't think that as long as you are both born-again Christians that just attending different churches makes you unequally yoked. To my understanding, that is a believer with a non-believer.

Graham Family In Prayers
I definitely will keep them in prayer. This has to be such a hard time for all of them and yet we can all know she is rejoicing in the presence of our Father in heaven!

How To Get Along With Mom
I have a dysfunctional relationship with my mom too, unfortunately I have nowhere else to live right now. All you can do is love her and forgive her. If you could give some more details about your living arrangement, it would help.

Possible For Me To Remarry
I do not see any reason biblically that you cannot remarry a Christian woman.

I Strayed Away From God
God is waiting for you to turn back to Him. Pray and read the bible so God can speak to you and show you the truth. You need to renew and cleanse your mind from the clutter of the false religions you looked into. Repent and recommitt to Him.

Does God Forgive Sin
I believe God forgives us of all our sins when we confess, ask forgiveness and repent. Including abortion.

My Parents Argue Continually
I think arguing is normal in families. Now if it is abusive in some way that is not right! Have you tried to discuss how you are feeling about this with them?

Are You Going To Heaven
I agree, this is the most important question there is! And I can answer it yes according to Rom. 10:9-13!

Is Death A Type Of Sleep
I believe death is referred to as sleep because only your body dies, your spirit goes on in Heaven or Hell. Also, at the resurrection we will be raised again so it is similar to sleeping and waking up.

Husband Comes Home Dirty
If your husband has no problem with this arrangement than that is all that matters. I don't see it as disrespectful.

Daughter-In-Law Problems
All you can do is continue to show the love of Christ and pray for the situation. Only God can change someone's heart.

Is Purgatory A Real Place
There is no such place as purgatory. The bible said it is appointed unto men once to die and then the judgment. There is no in-between place to deal with your sins after death. Jesus paid the price and if we accept Him and follow Him we are saved.

Get Out Of A Christian Marriage
It would be hard for me to answer this without knowing what the circumstances were, but outside of abuse or continued adultrey I don't believe God would tell a Christian to leave their Christian spouse.

I Sometimes Question God
God is big enough to handle our honest questions. We are only human and can't see the big picture the way He can. Take your questions to Him and be open.

2008 Presidential Election
I took the survey! I sure would not vote for Hillary Clinton!

Demons Are In My House
You haven't given a lot of information about what is going on in your home. If you are a believer then the moderator's suggestion is a good one. Let us know more if you can.

Daughter OK With Hell
I agree with others here who have said that this is not so unusual for a 12 year old. Have you asked her about it? If this is something recent you might ask if something happened to cause her to feel this way.

What Is A Christian
A Christiian is a follower of Christ. One who has repented of sin and turned to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

My Husband Does Drugs
This is truly a difficult situation and I am sorry for you and your husband. Keep praying and seeking God, divorce may not be the answer right now. Madison gave good adivce about going to NarAnon and getting help for yourself. A good Christian counselor would be a good thing for you right now. Sending prayers!

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