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Who Will Be Saved
The Bible says he who endures to the end shall be saved. God has the ability to know before hand who will be saved but why should He bother with it when we have the marker on us. Those who endure.

Throw Cross Into The Trash
People should never throw anything away because of someone else's opinion. Every person stands or falls by their own conviction not others. We must not judge someone else's walk but it is judged by God and He alone should guide His people. May every Christian be led by God alone not man.

Do You Tithe
I believe in tithes. My Grandad made $250.00 a month in the 40s and early 50s and Grandma saved money and helped people too. There is a catch,The Lord loves a cheerful giver. If you feel forced to give without being happy to do so it is fruitless.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Thank y'all for the kind word.

Revolutionary Communist Party
Nicole Lacey You are so welcome. I can't thank you enough for the prayers.He still has some things from the stroke but has recovered a lot. He is weak but I thank God he has recovered as much as he has,we have been married over 61 years,and God has been so good to us both that we still have each other he is 84 now and I'm 79. The reason I was off so long lightening struck my computer and I just got a new one recently. Thank you again,yes dear we love one another through thick and thin and I would do it again. God Bless You

Revolutionary Communist Party
Nicole Lacey my skin is so light that I require the ivory shade of makeup. I just want to say I love you Sister in Christ. I am 79 and an only child but I have been blessed In the last eight years with a Sister who is Black-black. You see our family choose new family members through Love not color,I also have a Black Grandson the same way. Love is to be given freely if it is Agape and to me Family real,and Christian come under this. God Bless,Love

End Of World September 2017
All human Date Prophets on earth are liars because the Bible says no one knows that time not even the Angels. Why do all those think they are smarter than God?

Daughter Is Pregnant
All you need to do is love her. whats done is finished and she just needs prayer and your Christian support. Honey will catch more Bees than lemons will and prayer still moves mountains.

Return Of 15 Year Old
Rita H thank you. Cluny she didn't want to hide to escape. She was adopted, and her sister and she is perfectly fine. This girl who ran away has been big trouble. Their Mom is a good person we know her well and have known the Dad since he was a child. The girl has slammed her Mom against the wall so many times the concussions have left scars on the brain. The sister is as I said fine. They are both in High school. The girl wants to be with her birth mother,maybe thats it. Her Mom abuse has stopped now,we think. Rita H is right only prayer will help,right now the mom has lost her Memory,the doctors said it was from stress. You see the Dads job requires him to be out of town a good bit and the Mom has them alone. They love the girls very much.

Return Of 15 Year Old
Thank you for the prayers they found her yesterday. She had gone to a boy's house and even when her daddy asked the parents of the boy if she was there they lied and said no. The Daddy drove the roads for hours looking for her. I think he should file some kind of charges against those parents.

Perceived Wrongs Of Protestants
Cluny go back and pray again without prejudice God never told you I am wrong. How I know for sure is because God would not go against His own Word the Bible in the 2nd Chapter of Acts began God's infilling of the Holy Ghost to empower God's people to serve Him and no where in the Bible does God take it away including tongues. They must have been important enough to God to make them one of the Gifts of the Spirit to be used to serve the Body with interpretation but before that Gift is given God gives The Gift of the Holy Ghost with tongues. I'm sorry for you Cluny trying to erase what God has done but you won't ever be able to do that and you can't do it by demeaning the people who have received from God His wonderful Gift. God Bless

Ten Commadments Binding
These are the verses which speak of loving God and man Matthew 22:37-41. This verse tells the far reaching importance of those previous verses which are Commandments, KJV 22:40, On these two commandments hang all the law of the prophets. As I said all the Ten commandments are wrapped up in the Law of Love and Christ nailed the hand writing of Ordinances which were against us to the cross with Him. No matter how important the founders and leaders of Denominations were,even though educated, their word is no better than anyone elses and not as good as those led by the Holy Ghost for we are told by God's Word the Holy Ghost will be our teacher.God Bless

How To Protect Relative
Rita H I think what you are referring to about a person pushing their own feeling on to someone else is called Projection. Projection is a defense mechanism that involves taking our own unacceptable qualities or feelings about something in ourselves that is less than desirable and ascribing them to other people. This helps reduce the anxiety they have about those traits in themselves.

What's Up March 2013
Shira thank you. I am on pain meds all the time for a bad back but the pain of the shoulder and arm surpasses the dosage for the back. I had a few extra pills so I can take them more often and double up but they won't last long. With only one dose I am at times in tears its way worse than a ten level pain. i use heat to help relax muscles trying to get ease. The muscles were torn too. Glad you will get to see your granddaughter in May,thaTS GREAT.

Speaking Badly Of Others
I can't see how it can be scriptural when we are told to judge not but we should be taught the Word of God that we need no one to tell us when someone is teaching false doctrine which isn't God's Word. Discernment is a gift from God to help us recognize the spirits in operation in a person or place. We do need to know the Word well that we have a guide to what is God's way. I think talking about other denominations or demeaning people in other denominations from the pulpit is wrong.

Wearing Immodest Clothes
It doesn't take immodest dress to get unwanted attention from men. If a woman is well built and dressed in regular clothes she still gets attention from men. Add to that a pretty face and they often get unwanted attention until it is old. There are just some attributes a woman would have to wear a tent to cover up. Thank God they don't in America. In this era of Stun Guns and Pistol Packing Mamas a man would do well to think twice about bothering a woman with unwanted attentions. Christian women need to conduct themselves always,no matter what they wear,in a modest manner. If a woman conducts herself properly men may like what they see but they know better than to try to touch.

Loose Our Salvation
Jim thank you,and yes you are right we do want to when we are truely saved and commited to God,however if you don't think we "must" go back to the Old Testament,which the Bible says is our teacher,and look at what God did to those who did not obey him. He cast them aside,its just like in the new Testament where it says you cannot serve God and Mammon. I wonder,Jim,if Christians think we have more freedom in living than God really wants us to,is that what weakens a Christians walk with God. Vengence is mine saith the Lord I will repay. God does demand a high standard of moral living but that doesn't take away from our love for him and our desire to please him like any child wants to please a parent,or a servant a Master.

Don't Talk Bad About Spouse
Seeking help is one thing being a talebearer or tattletale is another. The more wood you stoke a fire with the higher and hotter the fire gets. Its the same with a relationship,always telling people all your personal problems never gives a chance to heal and get over it. Proverbs 26:20 Where no wood is there the fire goes out,so where there is no talebearer,the strife ceases. Hold your peace,pray,and let the Lord fight your battles.

The Thought For The Day
Be slow to anger. Quick to pray. Wise enough to praise God for all the good things in our lives and know it was God who took us through the bad.

My Husband Is A Bum
Joyce,your husband is cheating on you now,living with his Ex. Don't give him a cent,the Bible says if a man won't work,he shouldn't eat either. It also says a man who doesn't provide for his own is worse than an infidel. I have to wonder,not saying it was,if the praying so you knew it was an act to sucker you in. His actions aren't those of a true Christian and the Bible says you will know them by their fruit,a good tree doesn't bring forth bad fruit and a bad tree doesn't bring forth good fruit. Your husband has already divorced you by going back to the Exwife. If you live in Community Property State any debts he makes can also be charged to the wife.

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