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Types Of Worship
This is a wonderful question. Although salvation is by individual, group worship provides opportunities to witness.

Salvation Only Through Church
The foundation of salvation is a direct relationship between Jesus and an individual, not the relationship between a CHURCH organization and a person. Purpose of the church is to cause that relationship of person and Jesus to happen.

Many Right Ways
Which is worse Cluny? To be too scrupulous or too careless? Or is there an in-between?

Many Right Ways
Josef: things like disagreeing with another person, choosing whether to give a gift, warning another person.

Illuminati Signs Symbols
VERY good question! I am eager to read replies.

The Holler Preacher
I think that with some they think it is the only way to cause the audience to listen.

Support False Teachers
The key word here is "proven." If those who are contributing continue to believe that TRUTH is being shared, they will continue to support.

Orthodox Hell Bound Priest
Our loving God did not create a hell of fire to put some of his created children in.

Who Was 12th Disciple
Maybe that position of 12th disciple became reserved for all those of us who accepted Christ after his resurrection. I would love to see myself as one of many twelfth disciples!

How Christians Can Grow
One way to be personally involved is through personal contact. And while most of us pay taxes that benefit the needy, we also are in contact personally. One does not cancel the other.

Is Silence Consent
Silence can also mean "This is none of my business."

Is Silence Consent
If what we see is not causing physical harm, and we are simply a bystander, we should mind our own business.

Upcoming 2016 Elections
I will watch for candidates of either political party whose emphasis in words and action are on compassion for our population.

They Can't Spell
Maybe they are sleepy or under some kind of influence.

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