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I Want Some Christian Friends
its cool to have someone to talh to when noone else seems to listen sometimes you need to let it out or just talk when your old everyone thinks old ppl has nothing to talk about

Why Hard To Leave Someone
to me its not as semple to just walk away kids are involved i dont want them to think dad just left them god was all about change and i dont think he ment for us to be unhappy but if it means to hurt my kids ill wait till their grown life isnt worth messing up their world to be happy

What Is Life
"What is Life" song by George Harrison.

Wonder About Spouse's Past
It's Jim. Why not tell the truth before marriage? Why is this so hard for people to do? Marriage is trust, honesty, this is what a marriage is built on. How can a marriage be started on anything but...

Who Is Derrick Prince
Isn't she the pretty Indy driver?

Can Predestined Reject Christ
Hebrews 6:4-6

Is Obama The AntiChrist
Impossible, he is not smart enough to be the anti-Christ... trust me on this one. He has not even operated a lemonaid stand yet some people think he is the anti-Christ?... Wow, let the imaginations run... anti-Christ no, muslim of the year, yes...

Dove World Outreach Koran
The undeniable truth: There are Muslims out there bent on destroying America whether or not Korans are burnt. Imams should tell those terrorists to stop killing people with terror. The reason they confront the puny little church instead terrorist Muslims is that they are scared of being killed by these terrorist. There is something badly wrong with Islam, but fingers are just pointing the wrong way. I do not agree with Koran burning, but I hope that people in America, especially the muslims would start looking at their religion and start asking questions about Islam. People outside the religion are afraid to ask the question.

What Is Godliness


godliness is like jesus.

so be specific. he is holy, he did not sin, did not have worldly possessions.

where is the line between being like jesus & ascesticism.

even if christianity profess to be relationship, there is some form of asceticism.
practice of self denial, need for atonement & wish to earn merit in order to live or be called a life of godliness.

Love Of Money Root Of Evil


here are the problems why
1. we are told to obey. the teaching mostly is vague & weak. if we don't obey THEIR teachings we are called rebellious.
2. if we try to ask a question, they say that we 'lack faith' or if we don't agree with them 'we are called cafeteria christians

we fail or miss the bless not bec. of disobedience but bec. of proper or right teachings. my personal ex. is the bondage of malachi & self confidence.

How To Fight North Korea


I totally agree with you. leaders did not learn about vietnam. my obeservation about the iraq was about arrogance. bush wanted to project that the US is a superpower & he is the C-in-C.

I am not against the military but the result after sending soldiers to war-they suffer the mental, physical results of war including the civilians


How To Fight North Korea


the north korea invaded the south & it was an aggression. truman had a good reason to stop it.

but in other wars, vietnam & iraq (especialy iraq) it was different. the war in iraq is not finish & bush just dump the mess to the next who will fix it.

and finally, opposing the war does not mean being against the military or being unpatriotic, or weak but the result of war. many will suffer soliders & civilians alike.

How To Fight North Korea

if there is war in the korean pennisula then the war would be conventional - tank vs tank, f-16 vs migs & soldiers will have uniform to identify the nationality.

if there is one i will support it bec. it is a just cause kim is brutal, & it will not be insurgency unlike iraq.

if the north is the aggressor, self defense is justified, unlike iraq.
it is not bec. of oil, unlike iraq.

Trials Due To Unbelief

our our OWN insecurities, doubt & etc?

LUKE 18:15-16
people were bringing the children but his OWN disciples were PREVENTING them.

LUke 18:37-42
blind man cried out but the people were told him to SHUT UP!
Luke 13:10-17

fears & doubt is GENERATED in the church bec. many are shortsighted, arrogant & self righteous. the 1st thing that christians do is to point to 'sin' or 'that's not biblical'.

No wonder many have doubts, fears, etc. bec. you hear quotes from christians / pastors who does not know & understand other people's suffering.

Feel God Hates You

yes. I obeyed the commandments of god in the name of loving him. I denied myself bec. a pastor said that 'self is a sin'.
in the end, I ended up being the loser, missed opportunities & those who say 'deny yourself' are the once who break that commandment.
have you denied yourself? run another mile for your brethren or even a unbeliever?
that is a commandment of christ
anybody can say they love god but they are following his commandments based on their OWN interpretation of it. i find that christians are bunch of hypocrites. saving their own skins when problems arise

Feel God Hates You


so where did all this legalism come from? isn't from the bible with all the do's & don'ts & you fail this or that? you can quote a verse in the bible but without the proper & balanced explanantion it becomes legalism.
grace brings life? so then after you receive grace what do you hear? full of 'obey this verse', full of do's & don'ts & you have to follow somebody else's 'teaching' when it is vague & shallow.
just bec. believers do not follow the SOMEBODY's 'teaching, you conclude that it is pride. I have seen many follow to end up nowhere. then blame for lack of faith or sin when they suffer.

Feel God Hates You

farthest the heart can be from God is when it is convinced it has all the answers right here on Earth - pride

so, what you are saying is obey in the name of humility? look at what happened in waco jonestown,people followed an 'answer' that led to their destruction not bec of pride but bec. those who give the answers abuse their authority.
if that is your premise, then jesus has pride when he didn't obey the pharisees when he healed on a sabbath.
those who obey are exploited of their ignorance. i've seen pat robertson speak as if he knows everything & give stupid answers & many believed him. prosperity pastors give 'answers' regarding success but they exploit people. is that pride or blind obedience

Feel God Hates You


'god is forgiving'

so how can a forgiving god have any application in the real world. what skills do you learn from forgivenes. none. just continue to commit the same mistakes over & over again.

you are demanded to follow & obey the word of god with no instructions. just obey
you are not really obeying the word of god but getting approval from pastors or
being exploited by christianity. obey giving tithe, obey work for others success, obey to sacrifice for others, obey obey obey like a robot.
your prayer will not work so just keep it to yourself. my life has been wasted following god to nowhere.
with all the demands of rules, you will really not know god.

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