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Jesus' Personal Life you not recognize the time? It is almost over with regard to earth as we know it. Jesus is at the "door". Why do you argue, banter and bate your brothers? Do you not see the simplicity of it all. We must love God and love one another. Love is the big key. The rest is irrelevant.

Are Women Trousers Biblical
If trousers are now considered to be mens clothing, then by old test standards, it is a sin for women to wear mens clothing. However, pants are worn by women as womens' clothing and are actually cut differently then mens pants so as to fit the female form. I suppose that if you believe that it is a sin, then to you it is sin. For whaterever "is not of faith is sin".

Rich People Giving To Poor
Greed, ignorance and diffusion of responsibility. Actually, taxes are used to put $'s in the pockets of the elite and rarely make it to the people in need.

Translation Of The Bible
If one has "ears to hear", any translation seems to get the message accross. The Holy Spirit does the rest.

Explain Mark 10:17-18
"In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with Him. Without Him nothing was made that was made". There is not allot of room for interpretation in that scripture found in John 1. Humans have a hard time wrapping their minds around the fact that Jesus is equal with God and is in fact God who came in the flesh. We are just too limited to get it. Truth is however that all scripture point to God as Father God, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost. We can argue all day long but it doesn't change the truth.

Are There Soul Mates
I actually don't know but I do know that God is all knowing and knows who one will marry, divorce, date or if one is to be alone and in service to God only. Bible says that if one is acting unbecomingly towards his virgin, then he should marry her. Otherwise, we should remain in the state that we were when we came to Him. The notion of a Soul Mate is a New Age term. Statistics have indicated that any person has dozens of people whom he/she may be compatible with for marriage. But stats also show a 64% divorce rate in the USA. What does that say about people finding their Soul Mates in this country? You have a better chance parking your car on a railroad for an hour:).

Who Can Baptize People
This is a nonessential augment about baptism which is clearly "a shadow of things to come." Mature believers are seeking Jesus and the meat of the word. In answer to the question without belaboring is, Any believer can baptize a new believer. No formal education is required. Look it up. It is there.:)

Reject Christ And Still Christian
Yes. Either Jesus was who He said that He is or then He was a liar. He did claim to be one with the Father. Anyone who attempts to seperate God the Father from God the Son is not a Christian. Infact, Bible says that this is an antichrist.

Obama Declining America
Some are saying "yes". I do not know the answer. I have noticed that there are many "haters " who profess to be democrats. They seem arrogant and like they are somehow more educated and smarter than republicans. That is just silly and a show of their own lack of wisdom. We are all stupid:).

Should Christians Eat Properly
Warwick: you are correct. Not everything that man has created in the way of preparing food is healthy. But I can't imagine that God counts it as sin if a person eats fast food on occasion and in moderation. Gluttony is a sin. But we must remember that we are under grace and these topics are "a shadow of things to come". Thanks for your comment.

Should Christians Eat Properly
Bible says that "all things are clean" and may be eaten if taken with "thanksgiving". I am pretty sure that we are not really suppose to overeat:). There are warnings regarding gluttony.

Best Church Structure
Those two options don't really predict any type of consistent structure. I have seen nondenominational churches which were very structured and even overly controlling..guys walking around with head microphones on communicating re the action in the congregation. I've seen in some instances less structure in some denominational churches. Personally, I prefer a less formal setting and am usually just more comfortable in nondenominational churches.

Date Separated Husband
Sounds like he is wanting to try to even the score. The truth is, however, that your marriage is not a game. He will win no battle by dating other women and nothing good for your marriage can come of his dating other women. Still, he will do what he will do. Maybe you can convince him to go to counseling with you. Pray to God about the situation. He is the one who can advise you and can heal the marriage.

Are Demons Fallen Angels
Craig: I understand your point. In the latter days, some will depart from the faith....the love of some will grow cold..However, the mystery remains regarding the "elect". Bible says that God can "make him stand" when referring to individuals who are drifting or "fallen". Jesus was given his "elect" before the foundation of the world. The key is "faith working through love". I agree with Jerry that demons are fallen angels.

Paul's Thorn In The Flesh
Rhonda: O.K.,so you were mistaken about Paul's religious origin but I think the rest of your point is valid. Paul is very clear regarding the ongoing struggle man experiences between the dual nature of spirit and flesh. The good news is that "He who started a good work in you will finish it" even up until that glorious day when He returns.

Is It A Sin To Be A Rich Christian
It is the "love of money" that is sin. I suppose that if a believer is very wealthy and is also stingy and unloving with his gift, then it would be sin. Although we are saved by grace through faith, we are also designed for good works, to tangibly love neighbors as ourselves. A wealthy Christian should help those in need when he can.

Don't Be Harsh With Each Other
I completely agree with you Mima. I go for periods where I stop even reading the blogs for that very reason. God desires mercy and love from us and it hurts my spirit to see some of the comments being cruel. It is shameful..really. I love to read different ideas and to be inspired to research a point. Jesus preached that we should be "like-minded" and of "one-accord".Actually, we are to have "the mind of Christ" which is the Spirit of Prophecy. I pray that folks can begin speaking to one another in love.

God Does Understand Us
God is all knowing.

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