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Is Love Important As A Christian
Well...they know we are Christians by our ????

From the angry, political rants you would think we either have a blog full of confused Christians or just religious conservatives and liberals who aren't Christians at all.
The mean things heaped upon any president or pastor is just not a reflection of holy speech.
We all have to be on guard, present company included. God bless.

He Is Black And I Am Mexican
Are you married or just pregnant from fooling around? The principle concern here is over where you stand with God and his will, not your earthly father's.
Your dad will have to decided between his ideology and the relationship with his daughter.
Satan is at work here so this will not be resolved without great pain.
If you are already married and the marriage is within the God's will then look to him and not your earthly surroudings.
The only bible reference to an interacial marriage is Number 12. HOpe that helps and I will be praying for you.

Definition Of Fornication
Maybe the question should seek the BIBLICAL definition which in all cases I could find "intimate sexual sin" in the body or heart.
Its clear God HATES it so it can't be good.

In Ist Corinthians 5 is appears Paul suggest a fornicator and incest participant be taken away (or killed) so that his soul will be saved in the day of the Lord?

My interpretation may not be perfect but be assured God takes the issue seriously.

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