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Must Marriage Be Legal
Strong axe,

Why don't you just answer in laymen's terms instead of using jargon I'm afraid I do not understand, either know the answer or you do not.

Who would support your going back to marriage without a legal binding document in this day and age?

I can read from your responses that your flawed ( floored) and the example you gave is not the best in proving a marriage licence is indeed not needed and for those who do not respect the Law or indeed the biblical Law of marriage it may as well be. However it stands legally binding for those who are married according to their Civil Laws of the Land/ Government.

I Recently Had An Abortion
1 John 1:9 says "if we confess our sin, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrughteous." If you repent and turn from your sins, God will forgive you and it does not matter what anyone else thinks, feels or says.

Someone wrote that God may not forgive you next time..there may be more severe consequences next time, and there may be some consequences to come for these sins, but if you are a born again believer meaning you have confessed, accepted, and have believed on Jesus Christ...all of your sins, past present and future have been paid for with the blood of Jesus.

(cont'd next post)

I Recently Had An Abortion
cont'd from previous post

Some don't want to let you off that easy, but they were or can be acquitted of their sins the same way. Jesus said himself, he without sin cast the first stone. He also told the woman caught in adultry - Go and sin no more.

May God bless and keep you.

Origin Of The Title Reverend
And through all these post, not one soul was saved. The wages of sin is death... and All have sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God. But the gift of God is eternal life through Christ. God so loved the world that He gave His only Begotton Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin. And three days later He rose in victory over sin and death. If you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, thou shall be saved. TGBTG! Rev. Carl Lawson

What Is The Third Heaven

My mother was at a conference on the Holy Spirit. This was strange to my mother. She prayed that the Lord would direct her as to its validity. In reply, God transported her to "the Third Heaven."

She was transported. As she went up she could see her body sitting in her chair - then she could see everyone in the auditorium. She soon found herself in the Third Heaven. She couldn't explain what she saw. She could only say that it was wonderful beyond words .

My mother's funeral was yesterday. It was more a time of celebration than a time of sorrow. All of us who are left behind are sad, but we have the sure hope of seeing her again and for this, we praise God.

Was Divorced By My Wife
It is hard to be rejected like that. Plus to be stipped of your hard earned possesions. I was married for 40 years, wonderful woman, she died 2003. 2005 I married another Christian woman who has found 30 things wrong with me. I never did anything but treat her with respect. I am not perfect, but she basically missed her family and broke her wedding vows to move back to where they live 300 miles away. I insisted she visit them often. It wasn't enough nor was anything I did appreciated. We should pray for each other.

I Had A Demonic Dream And You
I have constant frightening dreams, including even when I take a quick nap, often unable to wake up, terrifying and elaborate dreams, very vivid and realistic, I mean incessant, day after day and night after night. These dreams exist. I have had them ever since becoming a Christian.

Person Hurt Me In Church
Caring, that is exactly what Jesus taught against. The world thinks that way. Apparently you don't live up to your name. You need a spiritual awakening through God's son, Jesus.

Who is Myles Munroe?
Myles Munroe has been used by God to prepare the church for the changes that will start happening in The Church Of Jesus Christ very soon. Church as you know it today will soon be something of the past. Jesus has prepared special people all over the world to effect change in His Kingdom and Church in these last days

Is Jimmy Swaggart A Christian
There's things happening in the spirit with Swaggart.You have to know this before making a righteous judgement. Since his revelation of the cross he's got ccm in his worship, he promised to never have it.Doctrinal truth would not let false worship.Jimmy's now backwards about everything.It's not good.Until he sees his error his church is going to get very dark.I was saved watching his bright, glorious and anointed telecast in the 80's. Now it smells of evil.

God Let Bush Be President
Any man who has empowered contemporary christian music like never before and be great friends with michael w smith can only be the Antichrist.
And yes I'm expecting Jesus to return next year...And yes Im serious!

Who Was St John The Baptist
No one called each other saint back in that day as we don't now. No church makes a saint. I remember when I attended Parochial school (Catholic school) in the 50's they were just making Mother Seaton of the Sister's of Charity, officially a saint by the Catholic Church. What a crock. Like she had to do so many good deeds and be approved by the "Powers that Be" in the Catholic world. A saint is a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ as we should all be.

Desperation To Marry
Keep praying for your future spouse. Also, Gods timing is always right on. I married at age 27, and was praying for my wife since about age 18. I know now, that for me, marrying early would have been too early for me (and my wife said the same about her before I knew her). Just make sure you and your date have everything worked out before committing to marriage. Discuss finances before engaged. God Bless,keep reading your Bible!!

Denominations Glorify God
Denominations are a hinderance to Christianity.
You have to ask yourself..."Which ones are accurate and which ones are lying."
Of course not, but the Catholic denomination teaches this lie. I know because I was a Catholic once and proud of it! Now that I'm born again (like Jesus said I must be) my eyes are open.
I attend a NONDENOMINATIONAL church that only follows the truth.
The burden has been lifted, praise God!

No Baptism Then No Heaven
I know that being baptized is important because we read about John baptizing Jesus but on the other hand I feel it has nothing to do with salvation, all the things that point to salvation points to the cross. This is the first of many steps..some people who gets saved never gets the chance to be baptized as long as there sins are covered by His blood they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven....

Wonder If I Will Ever Get Married
Hello from Seattle! My wife and I, do send you our BEST WISHES! Would you ever consider and take seriously a real lasting POLYGAMOUS family lifestyle as your future too? We have been married for 40 years; and ISO a special young lady; to be a sister/wife; a second wife to me! Do you want to have children too? We had 8, and they are all grown, and have families of their own now! Take care! GOD Bless! BYE! Carl & Charlotte [ ]

Can The Dead Contact Us
Either your mind wanted to see your mother or you are not a child of God and have fallen to a reprobate mind. THE DEAD DO NOT TALK TO US!

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