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Is Body Piercing Wrong
It is an issue as to whether you believe we still live under the old covenant or not. I do not believe we do. In Exodus there is a scriptuer that says not to mark your bodies with piercings or tatooing. Personally I believe we are free from that rule because we live under the new covenant since Christ died and rose again. But that is a whole nother issue.

Why Anoint With Oil
In addition to anointing with oil for healing I believe sometimes God will lead us to anoint other items for other reasons and in those cases it is a matter of obedience. In several cases I have anointed my home or children or other items when I felt that God was leading me to. Sometimes for protection, sometimes to dedicate them to him, at any rate I believe that oil can serve various functions in the service of the kingdom.

How To Respond To God
In Habakkuk 2:2 we are told to write it down and meditate on it or obey it... to run with it. Pray about what He has told you and what He wants you to do with that information. I believe God wants to speak to us daily. It is called his "rhema" word. In addition to the Bible he will speak to us personally, individually, with encouragement and guidance. May God bless you as you continue to listen to him!!!

Is Slain In The Spirit Fake
I believe it is a genuine experience as I have experienced it myself many times. God is an AWE-some God and often his power is too much for the human body to hold without responding in some physical way as many people in the Bible did when they lay prostrate, shook, or danced under His power.

Desperation To Marry
I believe they may care and listen but that there is a point of desperation... just as you said where they get SOOOO lonely (because they are not allowing Christ to fill that void only he can fill) that they feel they just have to go ahead and marry anyway. I have been very desperate myself but have learned that when i get hungry for god and get my eyes off me... then my lonliness will subside and i can be more patient in waiting for the man god has for me.

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