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Brainwashed By Christianity
Of course u've been brainwashed.... That's the purpose duh...

U can either be brainwashed by Christianity or something else...

But ur never not brainwashed and that's the truth...

Wat u need to know is that there is a truth to follow here in this world...

His name is jesus... Trust me... If u want to know the truth u will discover it.

Don't be afraid just seek out the truth in ur heart and the truth will honor u in that.

I Don't Want Any Friends Anymore
I may be taking you out of context,but what are the chances you're exaggerating this?You don't have friends because you're a Native American that "they" think is Black.First,figure out why you think it's your race that's the issue.Secondly seems as if you have a problem being associated with Blacks that closely even if it meant you'd make friends.Is that possibly your real issue? Maybe you're pursuing the wrong people to befriend.Shouldn't matter what race people are.If you want people to correctly identify you then KEEP telling them "Hey,I'm NATIVE AMERICAN!" but don't let that keep you from having friends when you have an opportunity.

Can I Remarry My Husband
I would be real careful about him, even though you may still love him he may just be useing you and you don't want to fall in the same trap that I did. For 14 years my husband would leave me for another woman and because I still love him I all ways forgave him and took him back, and nothing never changed when he got tired of the way things were going he would leave again, instead of working things out. he has left me again just this past Jan. and when things start going bad for him again he will try to come back. I do still love him but for my own sake I can not take him back this time, and if you fall in to this trap it will get harder and harder for you to see things clearly, so think long and hard before getting back with him

Husband Doesn't Help With Kids
Im I the only one who feels that whether you work or not is not the point. Kids are the responsibilty of both parents no just the mom. That is why we are suppossed to be partners. It is almost impossible to have respect for someone who is not helping you raise your children and not to mention the last thing you want to do is be intimate with someone after you have done all the child care and housework. Going to a job outside the home is easy comparitively. I know because I do both.

Wife Has Jezebel Spirit
Through prayer and fasting.

Obeying God Brings Blessings
Read and believe Psalm 84:11, but do not seek to obey God for what you will receive from him because he his not santa clause, He is your Saviour.

Pray Out Loud Or Quietly
Hannah, the mother of Samuel prayed for a child with only her lips moving and what a remarkable blessing came out of that prayer(I.Samuel,1:13). I pray aloud and sometimes I pray silently. One way or the other the Lord hears them both for they are a vail of sweet incense springing up into heaven.

Pray For Bad Things To Happen
I'm sure everyone has come to that point in life, but it lets us know we need to stay a little longer in prayer. Remember, God had to be patient with us before we were saved.

How Do You Encourage People
I encourage people by giving a listening ear and sharing an experience regarding the situation that will help them feel better.

Are Women Bishops Biblical
My best advice for you is to pray for her and ask God for guidance in regard to your relationship with her, but do not continue to judge her.

Explain 1 Corinthians 9:23-27
I could not have stated it any better. We realize that many will start out as christians and yet turn away from the faith. It is true we must always remember the battle is not ours and hold out until the end. The struggle may seem hard but, if we wait then the test will surely turn into a testimony. Be continually in prayer so when you preach the gospel unto others your life will be a example of what you preach.

Husband Has A Girl Friend
Have you asked him why he is having lunch with her? Maybe she is going through something and need to talk to a friend. Find out whats behind something before jumping to conclusions. If you trust your husband then you shouldn't be so fearful. Seek God regarding the matter and ask Him to show you how to deal with the situation and ease your mind of fear and any other worries.

Kissed Another Man
I have yet being bother by these thoughts BUT after all I decided to go back to church. I had already started praying at nights and reading some bible scriptures. I appreciate every word that was said for me and the support. Thank you for every advice. I know GoD loves me for who I am and not for what I do.

Cain And Abel Wifes
The bible teaches us that God created Adam and Eve as the first man and woman. It does not say that they were the ONLY people he created. Of course the Lord populated the land as he did the sea and the air, with humans and animals, and told them to go forth and be fruitful and populate the earth.

Many things in the bible are ambiguous, seeking to understand the bible is part of our religion and faith in God, but who are we to know God's mind?

Faith is the key. An amount of faith even as small as a mustard seed.

Can Females Wear Pants
Just as there is appropriate dress for a wedding, a funeral, an interview, the meeting of a queen or president...shouldn't we dress our best when meeting in the house of Our Lord and Savior? I don't think God looks on the outward appearance but shouldn't we always be our best for Him?

How Do You Pray
I pray for my family, friends, my household situation, financial situation, job situation, the world situation, anything that comes up within the day or happens during the day.

Pastors Wife Is A Leader
Mema,what does it possibly being a "Pentecostal church" have to do with anything? just wondering.And I agree with whoever it was that suggested adjust the Volume, AND dealing with the situation in love. I JUST became a new pastor's wife husband has been a minister for 4 yrs..but just got his first church.LAST NIGHT.( we've been married 10 yrs )and let me tell you, I'm terrified!! ESPECIALLY after reading some of the petty complaints on various ( not just this one) blogs.

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